Pulled Back Muscle

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Anyone have any suggestions for a pulled back muscle? Not sure how my husband pulled a muscle in his back yesterday. He came home from teaching school complaining about his back. He thought maybe he'd been sitting to long since he has to teach the kids in person & online at the same time. He can't get up and walk around because the online kids can't see him. Anyway, he went to the chiropractor after school today but didn't get to see his usual chiropractor. They seem to be two different kinds of chiropractors. He came home moving worse than yesterday.

We didn't have any of the patches you stick on your back but I remembered in one of the courses on Grow Network learning about mixing powdered ginger with water and applying that. He said it heated up very well but he's still not moving to good. I looked in my homeopathy book for muscle strains and it said arnica+belladonna so he had that as well. Then, I had another thought. When I used to have leg cramps I'd spray magnesium on my leg. So, I gave him one of my magnesium capsules and sprayed the liquid on his back.

Anyone have any other idea or suggestions?

Hoping he can go to work tomorrow. It's always easier to go to school than have to stay home because you end up with more work than if you went.


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    So sorry. I pulled a muscle in my back in January and still am not 100%. My chiropractor said it was from too much sitting. I was able to move my computer where I can stand and still be seen. I put it on a box while I'm standing and back on the desk when I need to sit.

    This spray helps with the pain but it does have cayenne in it, so it can be intense. Not everyone can handle hot pepper on their skin.

    Hope he's better soon.

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    A salve containing cayenne would be my suggestion. I make one with cayenne and cottonwood buds that is very effective. So cayenne with an analgesic in it. Although, some people do better with cooling rather than heat so adding a mint or menthol essential oil might work better. Meadowsweet is analgesic so it could be part of the salve. St. John's Wort as an infused oil or in a salve might help as it is somewhat specific for tailbone injuries, especially if nerves are involved.

    Meadowsweet and White Willow both contain salicylates so those might work taken internally. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory but sometimes takes a few days to start working. If he is experiencing cramping, I would suggest Cramp Bark. Its very effective.

    Hot bath with Epsom Salts.

    Homeopathic arnica is always a good one to try. The booklet in one of my kits says to give Bellis for back strain that may be caused by sitting too long.

    A Massage Therapist sometimes can work out muscular knots and tightness that a Chiropractor can't reach.

    This recipe for a tincture is from an article by Sajah Popham who said he had used when he threw his back out.

    • Wild Lettuce (Lactuca scariola)                20%
    • California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)     20%
    • Jamaican Dogwood (Piscidia erythrina)        20%
    • Pedicularis (Pedicularis densiflora)            15%
    • Turmeric (Curcuma longa)                   10%
    • Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)                10%
    • Lobelia (Lobelia inflata)                      5%

    Hope you can find something to bring him relief.

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    Skullcap and valerian work pretty well.

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    I would also suggest having your husband add a moving activity into or right after his lessons. If he is strained from sitting, so are the kids. I used to pause between lessons and make my students do a stretching activity before they went to partner, group, or individual work. I taught 2nd graders and they loved being able to get up and move a bit. I feel for all teachers now as they adjust to the new normal of kids on screen and others in the room.

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    I find this works wonders on pulled and/or aching muscles. I got mine when it was on black Friday sale. There may be similar, cheaper options out there


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    Thanks everyone! I'll look into all of your suggestions.

    @torey He is going to have a massage the next time he goes to the chiropractor. My daughter had several when she had problems with her leg from running XC. The chiropractor was able to release a muscle in her back that was pressing on a muscle that lead to her leg. Both that and the massages helped her more than anything else.

    @gardneto76 My husband teaches orchestra so getting up and moving with the kids means instruments or bows might get broken. Sadly, there really isn't much time for him to do a lot of movement activities even on his own when he's at school. He said he might have to walk up and down the hall a few times when he finally gets a break. He's never sat this much teaching before. He said it's hard to get used to.

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    @kbmbillups1 The homeopathic remedy magnesium is great for muscle issues in addition to the magnesium oil.

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    I never had a pulled muscle in my back but I had a pinched nerve. Such pain! The chiropractor did a lot to get me back to moving and out of pain

    Good luck to your husband @kbmbillups1

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    One more thing to try is lavender, epsom salt bath (magnesium as mentioned previously) but the relaxing warm bath will also allow surrounding muscles to relax, which will help all around!!

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    I'm sorry he's hurting. I'm following this thread because I did something to my shoulder a few days ago and it really hurts :(. Prayers your hubby feels better soon!

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    Thanks everyone! He's been to the chiropractor again and is going back for another adjustment and massage this week. He's already feeling better. He said seeing his regular chiropractor & the magnesium are the two best things he did. He took my time release magnesium tablets and I had some Ease magnesium spray which I sprayed on his back several times.

    I read there are 10 different types of chiropractors. Suggested he ask what type his is and my husband said I think he's the good old fashioned hands on type. 😀

    Thankfully Spring break is right around the corner!

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    Things I always travel with in case this happens: Salonpas patches, magnesium chloride spray, Traumeel cream, Deep Blue Rub from doTerra (little sample packs fit in easily), Arnica (cream and pillules). My Bowen practitioner is adamant about anyone at a sitting job to get up every half hour, even if it's only for 30 seconds to stand, walk around your chair and sit back down again. This would probably be good for his students too.

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    I've heard that, too. I have to put an alarm to remind me because when I get caught up in work, hours can fly by without noticing it until my neck and back are killing me.

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    Trigger point therapy might help, you can do this on your self. You can find some books about it.