Back to Roots is Giving Free Potting Mix

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The link below will take you to a page where you can claim a voucher for a free 1 cubic foot of Back to Roots potting mix. I believe after signing up, the voucher will be sent to you through physical mail or e-mail, and then you are able to bring the voucher to a store near you, for a free bag of the potting mix. The offer is only available to residents of the US. It looks like pretty good quality; it is organic, peat-free, contains limestone and mycorrhizae and says 100% OMRI ingredients, although I need to look into whether it is actually OMRI certified. Retail price is normally about $12.


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    @happy-trails do you belong to that site? How does it work? I'm intrigued but is there a catch?

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    My friend and fellow gardener shared this link with me and I had never heard of the site before. She is my most frugal friend, always finding deals like this and she's been sharing them with me for a few years now... so far they've all been legitimate! I know it's difficult to believe deals like this really exist, but the info below will explain how it works!!

    A couple weeks ago, my husband and I ordered $75 worth of organic supplements like ashwagandha, vitamin C and turmeric for FREE through another deal on Rakuten; it was totally, 100% free, no catch/no strings attached. I've also been getting free things locally, like organic oat milk, pasture raised butter, and Annie's snacks, through various apps like iBotta.

    My brain didn't understand all this at first, like HOW is it possible - there HAS to be strings attached! I just didn't understand from a business standpoint, how companies can operate like this/afford to do this, so I researched it, and basically this design is a way to gain repeat customers... marketing psychology shows that once people try a certain brand or company, if they like the product, they tend to become "brand loyal" and stick to it because they are familiar with it. Making it available for free allows the psychology to take its course from there.

    For many businesses, putting out a limited amount of free merchandise is worth the small risk to them almost 100% of the time, because through that strategy, they are able to draw in many new customers who try their product, like the product, and become loyal, repeat customers... so it's really the company making an investment, and apparently it's a successful strategy that actually ends up making them money! Otherwise, I presume this strategy wouldn't be so popular. It's similar to restaurants or street food I see here in NY, where they hand out free samples all day, to hundreds of people. They're confident their food is great, and when people try it, they earn so many new customers who may have never come in to that particular restaurant based on the business sign alone.

    One explanation I saw laid out the math, and for example, even if a vitamin company gave away $40 of free supplements to 500 people, on average, something like 53 people would become regular repeat customers, and the business easily gains back the loss from the free goodies they gave away. Then, those new customers keep buying, and can also earn store credit for referring friends, new friends join and buy, and the business continues to grow and prosper! I hope all that makes sense! I don't do much container gardening since I plant mostly in ground in my garden/garden beds, but I did sign up for the free potting soil to share with a neighbor! =)

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    I had a friend who gave away product. They said it was actually cheaper than taking out an ad, built up their customer base and goodwill.

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    I would love to take advantage of this, however I do not have any social media accounts that are required to sign up. :(

    Maybe I'll have to get one.

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    Cool! Thanks for sharing. I might use that.

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    Thanks! I have tried a lot of things on Social Nature in exchange for honest reviews! I have Back to Roots organic tomato jar growing in my window right now which I got to try for free.

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    frogvalley Looks like you can sign up with just an email by clicking on create an account. I have a separate gmail account I use for stuff like this so I don't get any extra spam in my main account. I get more than I need now. lol