Nutrition content of Herbs

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I know there is plenty of information about food and it's nutritional value, does there happen to be a list of herbs and their vitamin, mineral, carb, etc contents anywhere?


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    You can find a lot of info at Michael Moore's Southwest School of Botanical Medicine's Plant Constituents pages at:

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    Thank you, @torey I'll check into that!

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    I'm fairly sure that we found a few websites that gave that sort of information. I just can't remember where. I think that I will need to look them up again. I do like Michael Moore's books.

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    @naomi.kohlmeier Thank you for asking this question. I was thinking about this very thing just the other day.

    @torey And thank you for where to find the answer.😊

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    This is another site that might be useful.

    You can choose to search with either Latin or English names. You will get a page with an alphabet to choose from. There is an extensive list of plants under each letter. At the bottom of each plant page you will find a list of ingredients with terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, fats, tannins, vitamins, etc.

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    Holy Moly that's a ton of information! Who knew there was so many different types of ingredients in one plant?!? The more I find out, the more I find out how little I know! Wow!

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    That's a really good question. I calorie count so that would be a huge help to me too!

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    This is one reason why I think herbs are better for ingesting than essential oils (never mind the potential for harm) - there are so many good vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals you can get with herbs).

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    These are great tools to have available. Thank you all for sharing.

    I had mentioned early that I had been diagnosed with covid. I immediately ended up with bronchitis which I get regularly. During the covid quarantine they would not give me anything for my bronchitis, including the cough which kept me from sleeping from the better part of two weeks. Anything I tried to do made me cough so hard I was choking. I could barely eat, like a can of applesauce took me three days to eat due to the coughing.

    Because of the lingering cough and other issues, I was looking into herbs for allergies and bronchitis and found out that nettles has quercetin which is said to have possible benefits for Covid as well. Wish I had known this from the beginning. I had a pound of nettle leaf sitting here. So we are now adding nettle leave tea to our treatments.