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I went out and harvested ramps (leeks) today. I was not sure if I was in season or just before.

I actually found them to be just about the right size. Next week they will be just a bit bigger but the season should still be fine for a few more weeks.

My family has harvested ramps for years but until last year I had never tried them. They are so good! I plan to take some to tomorrow event. We can all smell wonderful together.

I also picked some with roots to start a patch here. Most areas where you can pick ramps are getting posted so I am preparing.

What ramp recipe do you have that you like? I know I can make a leek dip, and leek soup. I also read they can be canned


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    @monica197 Sounds delicious. Thank you

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    I'm going out foraging, turkey scouting, shed hunting, mushroom hunting today!

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    My favorite is sort of a ramps pesto, made with olive oil and crushed red pepper - awesome with blu cheese and ham!

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    I went out and found the ramps in my front yard and at my lake house that I planted last year. I am so excited because they not only lived, but are thriving. I love perennials!

    Last year, I only cut one leaf of each plant to use in cooking. This year, I will harvest a few bulbs plus cut one leaf from each plant to dry.

    It was so exciting to find them growing amongst all of the downed trees from last year at the lake house as there were many trees that came down. Some were left and some were cut up. I wasn't sure there were be any ramps from all of the damage, but yippee! Bumper crop.

    Thank you @Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri for the video. I didn't know ramps liked maple trees. I'm going to plant some amongst the maples outside of my front yard to see how they grow. I make asparagus soup the same way as she make ramp soup in the video except that I don't use potato, so I'm hoping to make ramp soup too.

    The information on fiddleheads and morels was such a bonus. I've planted several ferns, but can never remember which ones they are. This was great to identify them.

    The sap drinking was also quite fun to watch as I love maple and birch water. So many great things in one video.