AN incredible compliment

I got an incredible compliment today. I ran into a lady.... I see her maybe 3 times a year. She is 93 years old, a Master Gardener, and retired teacher. She is a fast talking, full of life, native Philadelphian, sharp mind and sharp tongue. I met her several years ago through her "boyfriend" who was an actual D Day Veteran. He died a couple of years ago at age 99. He was a great man, a real hero - he would call me over and offer me whiskey and a cigar, and I'd listen to his lifetime of stories. She never pulls punches... she does not BS!  We were talking plants and she complimented my knowledge of the herbal uses, Latin and such. I said, "that is high praise coming from the lady who knows more about plants and growing things than anyone I've ever met." I meant that. She is a true master gardener. She got right in my face and said, "Pal, around you I don't feel like I know anything. YOU know more than I ever knew there was to know. Don't waste that. You find a nice girl and get married. Then, you teach.. you have to. Put it all in order and then do it!" Well, I was basically speechless.