Lesson 12: Violet



  • Torey
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    @LaurieLovesLearning I have found leaves of the tiny purple violets on my lawn but no flowers yet. I will go out and look today where I know there is a patch of white ones and see if there are any out yet. The white ones won't make a pretty syrup but their leaves are so much bigger for harvesting. The leaves are great for assisting with moving lymph. Same location as a patch of stinging nettles so I can check those out at the same time.

  • Annie Kate
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    Oh, we have violets everywhere too. This week a friend sent photos of her violet patch, started almost 20 years ago when we gave her kids potted violets as a party favor. Ours are mostly purple, but some are white and some yellow, and last year a few plants had all three colors in one flower!