Create you own backyard nursery

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You may buy a lot of plants, find a great sale or have friends gift you plants, trees and shrubs, but all of a sudden you have too many plants and need to put them somewhere until you can get them in the ground.

Having one area, close to water and in partial shade will help you care for the plants and help keep you on a planting schedule. I like to mix a few flower in my nursery are to make it pretty and a place I may place a chair and hang out.

I usually end up with a lot of plants so my area is large. But make it a size that will hold your plants. I put down cardboard to choke out grass and all wood chips to help keep the soil cool. I usually edge the area with brick or rock to help keep lawn mower out ;)

I try to separate them by size and use. Trees in the back, shorter plants in the front.

There is either a rain barrel near by or a water hose and I have compost and soil nearby for plants that need more or prepared ahead so I am ready to go when its planting time. I try to only let plants set ere a certain amount of time -and I am not always successful at this. Sometimes I I am not sure where to place it it sits longer than I want.

i buy and trade plants a lot so this has become a very important area for me.


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    I have a rule for myself. I only buy what I can plant that day even if it means making another trip to get more. I know from past experience, if I don't get my plants in right away they tend not to get planted at all.

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    That's a great rule. My rule is I am supposed to know where I want to plant it. That is what my problem.

    I get plants from my landscaping jobs and I have a huge tree order coming in in about 2 weeks that I have to prepare for. 200 trees and shrubs. I will have to heel the trees in for a few days whileI get things prepped

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    That's a lot of trees and a lot of work, @Denise Grant . You are one busy lady!

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    I got a deal @Annie Kate Plus with these food shortages we have been seeing I want to be prepared. Hopefully I can get some help.

    now if I get that property in Ga I will have to divide some of the ones that will work there ans save for a bit.

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    When I trim back shrubs and I cannot through away any healthy plants so I root them then I either give them away or in the past I have had plant sales. I also will try to grow anything like seeds from Avocados, apples, etc. anything that has sprouted.

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    @Denise Grant WOW that's a lot of trees and shrubs!! Hopefully you get the property in GA and will be able to divide them up! Sounds exciting---Keep us posted!

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    We finally had showers and rain. I know we needed it but I need it spaced out so I can get things done before the first mowing.

    But the rain has helped the plants I need to move pop up. So I filled pots yesterday so that when I diog up plants they can be placed immediately in to their new home. I also have sopme plants in pots to divide so I made up 300 filled pots. I should have that filled in a day or two and will fill another 200.

    (I sell plants in the spring and fall.) I also participate in a really good plant swap and bring home new varieties from there. Sring is too busy - but it beats winter hands down :)

    One my list to move now are Beebalm, slender nettle, lemon balm, spearmint, chocolate mint, Cutleaf Coneflower, red peonies and hosta. I have to divide iris, daylillies and queen of the prairie