Total surprise natural, organic gift

I’m one lucky girl. I was totally surprised and delighted with an outstanding gift from my wife yesterday. I received a pack of 4 natural, unbleached layered, cotton vegetable “swags”. A cotton pouch with a fold over piece that stores your vegetables, fresh for 2 weeks. You dampen the swag and store your veg, spray with water when it feels dry. Cut fruit and veg thrive, without having to be cling wrapped ( I was using my wax wraps for cut stuff) less wastage, less plastic etc.

Then in the same parcel was a bag of Soap Berries. Sapindus mukorossi. The shells provide a toxin free alternative to mainstream washing detergent. You put 5 shells in a cotton bag, put in washing machine with clothes, good for up to 5 separate washes. When done, straight in the compost.

So this morning, I’m going to wash my 4 fruit and veg swags with the soap berries and hang to dry in our glorious autumn sunshine. Apparently washing the swags first activates its water absorption super powers. I got a little excited yesterday and didn’t read the instructions!

Sorry upside down and sideways photos from down under!