Tips to do after purchasing land

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So, you found your land, what do you do next? Here's a good article about starting.


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    There are some good pointers in this article.

    #5. Another good reason for taking down some trees is to protect your home from fire danger. The recommended distance from your buildings to coniferous trees should be at least 10 meters or 30 feet.

    #6. If you are on a hill, build into it with earth bermed buildings.

    #10. I am in agreement with the importance of electric fencing. Keeps most animals in and almost all predators out. If you have honey bees or an orchard, these need protection from bears and electric fencing will do that. I have never heard of a hive setup that was attacked by bears when it was protected by electric fence, even in grizzly country.

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    Great article!

    We built our chicken shed and other animal shelters so we could drag them with the tractor. Advantage #1, we could move them if the location turned out to be less than ideal. Advantage #2, they weren't considered permanent buildings, so we didn't have to pay property tax on them.

    I agree with putting proper signage. I can't count how many times a visitor got shocked on our electric fence.