Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Voodoo Flóra
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During my long years as an attorney that made a decade of my life seem like forever, I had so many cases with paraphernalia attached to different drug charges. People not well represented would often just allow the state government to punish them for possession of a simple, beautiful glass pipe. Or, even if it was not so beautiful. I mean, why invest in a glass pipe when the government is just going to confiscate it from you anyway? Of course, possession of a glass pipe in and of itself is not what is supposed to be illegal. Although to be fair the law and order system of government had even by then during the early part of the 21st century when I practiced--eroded into chaos of the so-called strong disabusing of the so-called weak and victimless. In retrospect, has the system of criminal injustice ever been anything different?

If any of this reminiscing matters, today it makes me want to ask you: what kinds of herbs can you and have you put into your pipe and smoked it? After all, the expression suggests that different herbs will provide different states of minds and perspectives--adding to the countless, unexplored humanoid abilities to be able to decipher, contemplate, and maybe even resolve current ruminations. A beautiful glass bong may very well be a peace pipe smoking cannabis one day. Perhaps that same paraphernalia may clean out your own pipes with some cloves the next? During middle school I did a report for the school board about the so-called "bad" kids who were regularly off smoking cloves as they stood rebelliously hunkered against our own communal, concrete bunker that kept us all kept during the best hours of the daylight. Interviewing these "bad kids" I found they were actually the smart ones in many respects and very much finding their own ways forward toward what may reasonably be considered success. Back then, though, I never had the courage to hang out with them.

These upcoming seasons, I'm going to experiment smoking different herbs from the garden. Take notes as to their effects. Growing up, I always wondered; for example, if you want to smoke tobacco why not just put it in a glass pipe and save yourself from all of the tar and numerous poisons? This was before I was thrown into our system of criminal justice in which I was like spinning around for years and years not able to think very straight or use basic common sense. Now, I find that good living in the garden and living off the fruits of my own labor as much as I can is allowing me to clear out some of the old cobwebs that had only been gathering dust and mucking up the works of my progressively diseased mind and body. It would be decades and after a myriad of ivy league doctors pushing pills and other poisons that I finally was able to start to heal. Cannabis is what in the end saved my life. There are still interconnected webs all through me, but they are now more likely to be fresh and shining in the light of my garden. I want to get up in the morning and am curious about what I'll find there.

In the spirit of 420 I want to share a photo of one of all the bongs I've loved before. Here is a photo of Belle who passed this year on the tough, and, if you are a bong, terrifyingly beautiful tile floor of our traveling homestead caravan. She has been replaced, but will never be forgotten, here modeling a fresh green bud of my own liking:

HAPPY 420 everyone and may the fruits of nature come your way today and always as you find them. 🧜‍♀️


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    I've always thought that smoking Hops might be better than smoking "weed" as it is legal and in the same family. Unfortunately, I am so sensitive, with anything I take, that I'm guessing one drop for me would be like a normal person taking a cup, so I don't need to process it at all. I just take a drop and I'm good. It would still be interesting to try hops even though "weed" is legal in many states.

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    Mullein is great to smoke for bronchitis.

    We have a herbal mix made locally that we like. There's organic tobacco mixed with flowers like rose and lavender. I'll get you the list when I'm home. There are two local brands, neither of which seem to have a website.

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    @Sharie omg what a wonderful recipe! I'm going to add rose to my cannabis mix, also lavender separately. Adding mullein to the list for trying out. Also, I've so much dandelion that wait for it, I'm ready to move on from the jugs of wine for the moment. Going to try smoking it! Happy Earth day!

  • Voodoo Flóra
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    @frogvalley as a true scientist, I feel called to try out smoking hops for you. I'm adding it to the list. Happy Earth Day!

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    @aprilbbrinkman I am sorry for your loss of Belle. She was beautiful!

    Your plan on smoking individual herbs and documenting your response is something I have been planning to do for years!! I can't wait. I have to retire first, which is happening this summer! I wish you luck and joy on your experimental journey!

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    My husband enjoys smoking wild lettuce. He purchases the sap online for better concentration and spreads it on wild lettuce or dandelion leaves and dries them before he puts them in his "grandpa" pipe haha. He claims it helps with pain and mellows him out :).

  • jowitt.europe
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    I have always believed that smoking is harmful for health. Is it not the case when one smokes these or those herbs? I think that the smoke itself is harmful for lungs no matter from where it comes: whether you inhale smoke from the fire, from another smoker, or inhale it from a pipe. I have never thought that it could be good for health. I am really ignorant here. Is there any healthy smoking?