Scientist dig up seeds stashed beneath a college campus 142 years ago


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    Wow! I can't read the article without paying. Do they plant them to see if they grow and if so what kind of plant it is?

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    @dottile46 @kbmbillups1 Yes, inquiring minds want to know! Also, why under the cover of darkness?

  • Torey
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    Fascinating article! Somewhat surprised that a Verbascum species is one of the survivors. But as there were only 21 original species of seeds buried, that isn't much of a tell.

    Darkness to prevent the seeds being affected by any sunlight.

    I didn't have an issue reading the whole article. There was a pop-up that wanted me to subscribe but I could read the article without subscribing.

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    WOW---Just think of all of the possibilities! (I also ignored the pop-up screen and could read the article). Thanks @dottile46 for posting this.

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    That's cool!

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    I was quite amazed. Imagine you and I can keep seeds longer than we keep them now! Thank you for sharing.

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    Wow, I am excited when seeds stay viable for 5 years, but this is a whole lot more. It is good to know. I wonder if we bury some of our best seeds in sealed canning jar with dessicant how long they would stay good?

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    Yes, a very cool article. Thanks for sharing. I also ignored the pop-up.

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    This is awesome! I want to repeat that experiment now with more varieties and see what happens a 100 years from now. Thank you for sharing!

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    These finds may just save us from all the GMO seeds being created by Monsanto et al.

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    I saw this article and read it as well. It was fascinating that this project has been going on for this long. I agree with one of the researchers, to bad Dr. Beal didn't bury any more bottles with seeds and more variety of seeds.😊