Its Party time (humor)

Monek Marie
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I had a dog that was given to me shortly after my father passed. It reminded me of the dog dad and I shared, , so it was special.

I had a job where I moved a lot and of course the dog went with. He also went to work with me most of the time so my boss knew him well.

So when it was time for the dogs first birthday he looked and me and said, "Don't you dare throw that dog a party!" So what did I do? I took that as a challenge.

I spent a week making handmade invitations, selected four of my favorite photos of my dog and changed the photos in numerous cards. We would not want some of the coworkers to get bored with the same dog photo. I mailed them out and asked for RSV's. and included the return card and stamped envelope.

I had 17 return yes's. Of course I included the dogs four best dog friends. My boss would not go but requested a few special cinnamon treats to come come for him.

So where do you throw a party for 22 plus people, 6 children and 5 dogs?

There was a very nice lake nearby that had several isolated beach fronts. I selected one and the party was on. At this time of year most of the beaches were closed with signs stating this. Do you take dogs to an open beach were they would cause chaos or a closed beach? So we parked out cars, crawled over or under the rope and went down a closed road.

What were our chances of getting caught?

We had a great time. We had party items that kids usually have at parties and those cute pointed hats. And yes, the dogs did keep them on fairly well. We had simple people treats and cans of dog food for the 5 dogs, plus ice cream for all.

After a few hour we came back up the road tired but laughing. I lead the group up the road with party hat on as did my dog. As I turned the last curve, there stands a park officer.

"What were you doing on a road and beach that is marked closed," he said.

"Well officer, I know its closed but we had a dog party and where should you take a party for a dog and 4 dog friends? I replied respectfully. With party hats on numerous people and a few dogs, he just stared at us.

He said, "Don't do it again' and got in his vehicle. What a story he had to tell!



  • Monek Marie
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    My boss may have refused to go to my dogs party but his wife, 2 children and dog did. I also took a photo of his dog and mine with party hats and put it on a tee shirt for him

  • JennyT Upstate South Carolina
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    @Denise Grant Once again your stories have put a much needed smile on my face. 😘

  • flowerpower *
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    @Denise Grant Your story will keep me smiling for awhile.

  • RustBeltCowgirl
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    As always, your stories are so much fun.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    I loved that photo - hah! Can't go because my cat is getting married...

  • Monek Marie
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    @Marjory Wildcraft When I saw that photo it reminded my of the party for Bo and his dog friends. It is hysterical and reminds me what we do for out pets.

  • Lisa K
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    @Denise Grant I love that idea of a Doggy Birthday Party!! Love the story!

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    @Denise Grant that is a great idea!

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    We used to have a cute little Australian Shepard that was loved by the neighborhood. Several families didn't want to buy a dog, but borrowed ours to bring to birthday parties, halloween activities and just to have around. One day, someone we didn't know in a Jaguar, brought her home after having her over for a visit a few miles away.

    She brought back shoes, mail and even an unopened beer. Nobody ever got mad at her or us - they just thought she was adorable no matter what she did.

    Years after she passed away, people we would meet for the first time while walking as far away as a mile would ask about her. Puzzled, we asked how they knew her. The responses were always the same "She used to come around to say hello and we'd invite her in for a treat. We miss her."

    I'd love to know all of her stories and friends.

  • Monek Marie
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    @frogvalley Aren't pets amazing? Anmd yes to know all her adventures would be interesting.

    Lars (the one I trained to be the seeing eye dog) was also loved in the old neighborhood we lived in. In the mornings he would make the rounds to everyones house for a morning snack. The neighbor down the road that did not like dogs invited Lars down to play golf with him. It started by accident, Lars retrieving his golf ball after he hit it, but it became a planned event.

    I could not find Lars one day and called and called for him. He always came or at least barked so you knew where he was. I was beginning to get concerned when the raod truck came up the road with lars in the passenger seat. The driver wanted to know if Lars could make a few more trips up and down the road while he finished his job. Of course he could but the smug look the dog gave me was hysterical