My Dad stold my dog (story)

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When I was 17 I raised a puppy for a seeing eye dog program. It was a program run through our 4-H. People would often ask me how I could raise a puppy them give it away. I told them I knew it was for a good cause and it was a mind set. I knew the dog was not mine so even if I loved it it had another purpose.

My first dog was Lars, a black lab. When the puppies arrived they were already named and assigned. As I watched them in their cage I saw one that I really wanted. I was drawn to it. And surprisingly it was the one chosen for me.

Lars was an amazing dog. He learned fast and knew all his commands. I had to take him to businesses, downtown and any place a blind person might go. He had certain rules we had to follow but he also was a puppy and dog. We had many wonderful memories of him that we could set aside. I had to watch my dad as he tried to break the seeing eye dog rules.

I was informed after a year it was his time to leave us and asked if I would take another dog to train. I said yes. I was told my new dog would be ready in about 6 weeks and it would be a german shepherd. It was a sad day when they took Lars but I knew he would be helping someone so it was fine. He was well trained and I knew he would help someone have a better life.

Six weeks later I got a call. My new dog was ready top be shipped and I could pick it up in a week.

They also had bad news for me. Lars was declined from the seeing eye dog program. I was shocked. He flunked his health test. He had Hip Dysplasia. I had two choices,. I could take the dog back or with that issue it would be put down. I was heartbroken. I had one new dog coming and one here. Taking Lars back would be difficult. I told them I would talk to my family.

We had a long talk. Mom was hesitant and dad wanted the dog. So did I but I knew it would be difficult. As a family we decided he deserved to have a life and live here. With a health issue he had to be fixed before he came back.

So the day I picked up my new trainee, I also picked up Lars. He recognized me immediately and was pleased to be home.

Lars was used to being walked 3 times a day for training so he joined me training the next dog, Sheba. Actually he probably did most of the training as Sheba had to do as well as he did. She left me early for the program, at 8 months which is amazing for a shepherd. And yes, she passed!

I did not take another dog as I was preparing to take college classes so now Lars could be spoiled rotten and do all the things he could not before.

During the next few years I had to leave for college classes at times and Dad slowly took over ther dog, or stolen him as I joked. I lost control on snacks, begging at the table, etc..

Dad took the dog every where with him. He drove a flat bed in this area and the two were seem together all the time and ofte eating ice cream con3es at the local ice cream stand.

I'm glad my dad had Lars as his right hand man. And wow, did he spoil him rotten!


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    @Denise Grant what a great story. What eventually happened to Lars? I have a lab x stumpy tail red cattle dog, Jedda. She is chocolate with a stumpy tail and gee what a great dog. About to turn 4yrs old. She’s my best mate, knows what I’m about to do before I do! We almost have telepathic communication but she is also everyone’s friend. A real gem.

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    @Denise Grant what a charming story, Denise! @jodienancarrow and what a beautiful dog Jodien.

    my daughter has a golden retriever. They are also genetically doomed to have hip problems. She knew that and took it nevertheless, as one family could not have him anymore. Ruby is now 12 years old and is still managing pretty well with his hips. Recently he started getting swimming procedures as a cure. He gets some supplements and vitamins. He is such a lovely dog. He still wins prises in obedience competitions and in between the competitions steals food from the table 😊.

    We do not have a dog, as we travel too much and there is nobody close, who would spoil the dog as your father did, Denise. I would not mind 😊.

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    @jolanta.wittib I joked all the time about dad spoiling ther dog but he was such a great companion for dad (who had a very bacd back) that part of me did not care. I many ways Lars was a special needs or care dog for dad.

    @jodienancarrow What a beautiful dog! Enjoy her. Lars died of old age at 14, almost 15. You can't ask for more than that. He passed away about three weeks after my dad did. At Lars end his mind was not as sharp as it had been so I don't think he missed dad. I think he just enjoyed life.

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    @Denise Grant dogs are such good companions to people. They can really bring joy to people.

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    What a great story @Denise Grant ! You all make me want to squish my dogs and play fetch until they can't drag the ball back.

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    @Denise Grant What a fantastic story! I appreciate all that you did and all the others that foster these wonderful dogs! My Dad lost his vision and a beautiful black lab, Otto, enabled him to do so much! Several years later,my Mom was having surgery, and then would be going to rehab for about a month. I flew down to drive Mom to the hospital and stay with my Dad until she would be able to. The day of the surgery, I drove Mom, Dad, and Otto to the hospital. While Mom was in pre-op waiting to be taken to surgery, my Dad & Otto came to the waiting room--he looked terrible and I asked what was wrong--He grabbed his chest and I got him in a chair and used the waiting room phone to call the ER. He kept say go see mom. As soon as ER got there, I hurried to my Mom and they were wheeling her to surgery--she yelled hows dad. They gave me a couple of min, and I told her he was good--he just wanted me to to get to see her (LIE, LIE LIE, I didn't know what else to do--she was on the way to surgery)

    I went to the ER and Otto was under the bed while they had worked with my dad. Dad stayed in the hospital 4 days. I had Otto!! That first day Otto went with me to Moms room, then we would go to another floor to see Dad. People would see me and say, "Oh you must be the one that has parents on different floors! What an experience! Otto was a trooper. He didn't really want to leave Dad's side, but he came with me.

    Sorry for the story just to say Thank You for giving time and effort to train these wonderful dogs!

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    @water2world Thank you! That's a beautiful story and definitely a trying and stressful time for all involved. It also shows how valuable those dogs are to all who have one. They change so many people lives.

    It was an honor to raise those dogs. I would have gotten more but I was at that age where college and a hectic life made it impossible.

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    This is a very sweet story. It seems like fate that you met Lars!