Homemade liquid hand soap

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I have a problem!! Even though I make bar soap for our home I can't leave it at the sink where it will be handy. You see we have a well fed cat that can't get enough of eating soap!! Strange animal! πŸ˜‚

I have bought natural liquid soaps to use in foaming bottles or squirt bottles but I'd really prefer to make my own so I know what that crazy animal is ingesting. Organic or not he does not care!! Strange animal!! πŸ˜‚

Recipes and suggestions welcome.


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    @soeasytocraft What a cat! We, humans are full of strange habits and tastes. Your cat is a character!

    I would also be interested in making liquid soap. So far do laundry with plants, clean with plants, wash dishes with soda and citric acid, but, so far, I am still using the purchased soap.

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    @soeasytocraft @jolanta.wittib I have read a recipe somewhere but need to look it up aka find it πŸ€”

    It was quite simple but can't remember the specifics right now.

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    @soeasytocraft @jolanta.wittib OK here is the recipe. I have not yet tested it.

    50 g solid soap grated like cheese

    500 ml water

    1 table spoon honey

    1 table spoon coconut or olive oil

    Heat the water to a boil, add the grated soap and let it melt while stirring.

    Once the soap is melted let it cool with an occasional stir. As soon as the soap gets more solid add the oil and honey and let it cool completely.

    You can use your normal solid soap and any leftover you cat has not eaten πŸ˜‰πŸ™€

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    @soeasytocraft Do you use coconut oil to make your bar soap? My sister's cat would go crazy over coconut oil. When she used it as a moisturizer on her legs, and the cat would lick her legs.

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  • soeasytocraft
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    @Tave no coconut oil in my handmade soap. But it is likely the oil that catches its attention. This crazy animal will not let me go to bed at night until it gets it’s coconut oil fix. He gets just a tiny amount. This crazy animal is a fun strange animal!πŸ₯°

  • soeasytocraft
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    @Jens thanks for the recipe. I’ll give it a try!

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    I would think your cat would be the cleanest cat in town!. Your soap must taste good.

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    Wow, love how easy this is. Will have to try this out. Thank you for sharing the recipes.

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    @Jens thank you for the recipe. I will definitely try it out. Do you think it would also be suitable as a dishwasher? I have not jet found a good solution to replace dishwasher liquid.

    @monica197 yes, a very simple idea. I shall try it out as well.

  • jowitt.europe
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    @soeasytocraft I love your cat even without seeing it. It must be such a character!

  • Jens the Beekeeper
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    @jolanta.wittib as long as you handwash your dishes this should be fine. Especially if you use Castille soap.

  • Tave
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    The lady from The Farmer's Lamp was on a TGN summit a few years ago. She had a recipe for dishwashing powder that was only 3 ingredients. Equal amounts of washing soda and borax, then add your favorite essential oil. She used it to make a recipe for dish soap, too. I haven't tried it, but her recipes that I have tried work.

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    @soeasytocraft I have a simple foaming hand soap recipe I use. I bought some foaming hand soap pumps at the store and when they were empty I filled them with this recipe and we've been using it for years. I have young kids so we go through a lot of it. 😊

    Fill bottle with water leaving a space to add castile liquid soap.

    Add 2 tablespoons/30 ml of liquid castile soap.

    Lastly add 10-15 drops good quality essential oil. (I love lemon or peppermint).

    Replace lid and gently shake to combine castile soap and essential oil.

    Hopefully this gives you anther option.😊

  • jowitt.europe
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    @Tave @JennyT Thank you for the recipes. Now it is my turn to try them out.

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    Yes, @soeasytocraft ! This is the same recipe that I have been recommending for years! I'd been collecting the stinky empty bottles from my family, friends and neighbors who were still buying the toxic foaming hand soap. If they gave me 2 bottles, I would return 1 to them, filled with this recipe!

    I love lavender (either as the scent of the liquid castile soap--I buy Dr. Bronner's--or as additional essential oil), but peppermint is also a favorite of mine, but it can be irritating for some, especially if they end up washing their face, as well, with it ;-)

    You can also add vegetable glycerin as a moisturizer :-)

    I love this recipe so much, and I shared it so much online and in my own community education classes, that I made a 1-minute video for it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu603BPMf5A

  • jowitt.europe
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    @Laura Krause Thank you for sharing your experience. I watched your video. Very nicely made!

    welcome in the Grow Network. I already see, that we will learn a lot from you. I myself am also very conscious of nature pollution and have introduced many changes in everyday life at home.

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    Does anyone who has hard water have experience with this? It's sticking in my mind that I tried this years ago without a lot of success, and I attributed it to my hard water.

    @soeasytocraft @Tave Wulfgang (the cat on my lap right now) wants me to tell you he also belongs to the coconut oil fan club. If I use it as lotion, he'll decide if I put too much on and remove it for me. So considerate of him.

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    I agree with @soeasytocraft. I also do a simple liquid soap using liquid Castile soap as a base. Works great.

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    My personal preference is a thick dish soap. This is super simple to make and works great.

    2/3 C sal suds

    1 1/3 C water

    1 T washing soda

    2t - 1 T sea salt and 3 T water

    4o drops essential oil (optional)

    heat the water and salt until salt dissolves, remove from heat and pour in small bowl.

    Add washing soda to water, heat to dissolve remove from heat and add sal suds and 1 T of the salt water. Keep adding salt water til you get desired thickness (it does thicken some over time). Pour into container. Add essential oil if desired.

  • JennyT Upstate South Carolina
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    Some of these sound really intriguing. I'm going to have to give some of these a try when we move into our new place and I can find these ingredients that I know I have packed away somewhere.😊

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    @JennyT Thank you for the recipe. I look forward to making some!