Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Monek Marie
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I know we have turkey tail mushrooms in out area and I am sure I have some on the land but until I harvest a mushroom (usually with someone who has hunted mushrooms for years) I do not feel comfortable harvesting them.

My nephew has a friend who hunts them all the time so I hope to go out with them soon.

I thought both of these links had great info:



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    Good article. I haven't used turkey tail, but I learned about its medicinal properties several years ago. I don't believe that there are any dangerous look-a-likes. Or for that matter, really any look-a-likes.

  • Torey
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    I agree. It is one of the easier mushrooms to identify. I have never found any in my area although there are rumours of them. I did find a related species but it was almost pure white and I don't believe it has the same properties as this species.

    This first pic is taken on Vancouver Island on a class with Robert Rogers (author of the Fungal Pharmacy). So many mushrooms on that trip!

    This second pic is taken about 100 miles east of Vancouver. I tried to bring home a piece of the log with mycelium in it but didn't have any success.

    Good immune booster.

  • Monek Marie
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    This grows all over here. I was just worried about a look alike. I have this at least 10 place on this property and my brothers place has even more

  • Torey
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    If you are able to get a copy of the Fungal Pharmacy, it has complete instructions for making a mushroom extract. There are properties that are strictly water soluble but then there are properties that are only soluble in alcohol so a double extract is often made with the medicinal mushrooms.

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    Thank you for sharing this. I'm not bold enough for mushroom hunting. I love foraging but I haven't worked with mushrooms as I am leary of making mistakes.

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    @karenjanicki If you can get an experienced mushroom hunter to take you out you will learn a lot. I can tell a poisonous one but to be able to identify look alikes I need expert advice.

    Mushrooms are an area I want to get good at. They have so many wonderful uses

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    We have them by the ZILLION!