Energy Remedies for Women - KP Khalsa May 2021

torey ModeratorPosts: 3,257 admin

KP Khalsa has a free class to celebrate Mother's Day.

I'm sure we could all use a boost whether we are mothers or not.


  • Monek Marie
    Monek Marie Moderator Posts: 2,453 admin
    edited May 8

    Thank you @torey

    I am going to sign up but I need a nap first (yes, I really need to sign up!)

  • torey
    torey Moderator Posts: 3,257 admin

    I have just downloaded all the PDFs that go with this course and there are several that might fit in with other discussions here on the forum. Two on Vitamin D and one on anti-aging herbs. And a recipe sheet with veggie burgers.

  • dipat2005
    dipat2005 Posts: 502 ✭✭✭

    @torey thanks for the information. My thyroid is always kicking me. My Doctor says I need to take 2 Vitamin D3. Then I said, "that means I need to take 3. He looked at me with a strange look but thankfully he never said anything. I haven't been able to go outside much due do to my extreme sunlight sensitivity. I do wear sunglasses sometimes even in a store.

  • Tave
    Tave Moderator In the AndesPosts: 764 admin

    Thanks, I signed up for it, too.

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