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I came across this website, and if it has been discussed in the forum I can't find the discussion....So I was wondering if our herbalists know anything about this author, and how reliable he is. His work looks impressive, but I'm certainly no expert....


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    @judsoncarroll4 started a study group for Michael Moore's online course through the South West School of Botanical Medicine. He did a synopsis of each lesson for us. And summed it all up very nicely. It is a great commentary to go along with the program if you decide to do it but also great info from each lesson condensed for us.

    Michael Moore is a well respected herbalist and teacher. His website has a vast amount of information on it. I use it as a reference frequently.

    There is a link for the constitutional and materia medica courses. It lists a cost but when you go to register is it free.

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    I believe he was quite reliable. He ran a long-standing botanical or herbal school in the southwest somewhere. I personally do not have any of his books, but have referenced them at the public library a time or two!!

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    @torey @ltwickey Thank you both for the information, and thanks much for the link. Don't know how I missed one that big in the search! Looks like both the original site and our forum site are both well worth spending some time on.

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    It is a great course if you have the patience to do the whole thing. He was a eccentric, often obnoxious and offensive guy, but very smart. A lot of my class notes begin with sentences like "20 minutes droning on about films and politics... 10 minutes about herbs." But yes, I do recommend it. I actually came to like the old SOB!