Sheds for Inspiration

Even if it's just a dream set up, these sheds are awesome. There are a couple that they could drop off in my backyard.


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    LOL. You are reading my mind. I have to have a shed or small building for a huge summer project. I am not building one right now as I just don't have time. The amish build them quite cheaply here and I kind of have decided what I want and they will look at me with that look, "What is she crazy?"

    At this point of time in the morning and with one cup of coffee, my plan is a 20 by 20 or 20 by 30 building with half of the building enclosed (they bring them in in two 10 foot sections) and the other half just the floor, frame and roof. The one wall in the enclose section I have to think about. It may be open too.

    I can enclose the open sections quite easily with the windows I have stored here and unique doors I foraged years ago. It will cut the cost almost in half, it will still serve my purpose if its open for a month or two and when I get done with it it will have its own unique look.

    I also love some of the shed idea in this link!!!~

  • Monek Marie
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    I wonder if I should just do the floor, frame and roof for a building. I have a ton of repurposed items here I can use for building. When the barn fell in I have all that wood, over 100 windows of all sizes and many doors rescued from a construction site.

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    @RustBeltCowgirl I definitely am having at least one of these myself we we move to our property. That way I can have my business and painting materials in one and then all my gardening, extra pots, dirt in another. And if we end up having more animals than just chickens, which I hope too, I can put all the fencing, feed, etc. in another.

    That's my hope/plan anyway. 😊

    We just need to fine the property first.🤞🙏

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    @Denise Grant What about an animal shelter as a base?

    Hope this is helpful.

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    @RustBeltCowgirl Nice idea (and I love it) but its more expensive than I am looking at now and I am not sure if zoning will permit it. Even though I am in the country my zoning is a nightmare.

    I have thought about getting the temporary sheds in a box, get my huge project done then rebuild the barn, which I can do without zoning issues. Its just I need the barn area cleaned and I need a building or shed to help me out. Catch 22

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    @RustBeltCowgirl I had actually looked at the portable garage from harbor freight. I would have no zoning issues, be able to move it and it would do what I need it to do this summer.

    When the barn fell in it left a mess. I have to clean and sort and I also want to dry some of the wood. That's what I need space for right now. The car port could be used for several years and I have seen them turned in to buildings or greenhouses later.

    But I do want a creative barn/garage one day. I have to to decide what fits my purpose best for right now

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    I saw this in a blog and thought it was great especially if it uses recycled items like windows.