Culinary Herbalism

Monek Marie
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Is anyone here studying Culinary Herbalism? I stumbled across the phrase yesterday and found a class and its just amazing. I found it through the link for KP Khalsa free class listed. I plan to do that too and have signed up and will split my time between the two.

I have been overly tired lately and with moms issues I know changing our eating will be of benefit to both of us.


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    I am not actively studying culinary herbalism in the literal sense, but have been researching ways to increase herbs in my day to day meals for the purpose of better health. I try to introduce a new herb to each meal every day, some days are easier than others. I find it still easier to get a wider variety of herbs in my system through teas.

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    Kami McBride does a lot with culinary herbalism. She has a book out called The Herbal Kitchen. This is a link to her main webpage.

    And this is a link to her book.

    Rosalee de la Foret gets into a lot of culinary herbalism in her two books. Alchemy of Herbs & Wild Remedies.

    KP Khalsa is an awesome teacher. I'm sure you will get a lot out of the course. I had a quick look at the synopsis for the course and it is quite extensive.

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    @torey , so far this class KP Khalsa is presenting is above my expectations. and I find the way he presents information easy to understand. I am looking forward to doing more of his classes.

    Both Kami McBrigne and Rosalee are great.

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    Yes, I do. I collect books and such, and research culinary herbal history. I've written lots of articles on culinary medicinal herbs.

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    I've studied a lot with KP. I definitely add herbs to my food since it's a great way to take them. Turmeric is a good one and I also use a lot of paprika since it's good for vein health.

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    @stephanie447 I did not know about paprika. Thank you

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    I took his class through Learning Herbs and it is packed with information!

    One of the herbs I now try to add daily to at least 1 meal is Tumeric.

  • Monek Marie
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    Tumeric is a must have in a diet. I have a milk drink if I can find the recipe that is really good!

  • stephanie447
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    The only issue with turmeric is that if you are on a prescription blood thinner to be careful with it, as turmeric has blood thinning properties.

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    I've used culinary herbs for a very long time, for flavor. However, I have learned a lot about the medicinal value of culinary herbs in the past few year. I love getting the tips the Kami McBride puts out.

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    That sounds pretty cool actually. Where did you find it?

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    I don't study Culinary Herbalism per se, but it sounds like a book I should buy for gifts. We grow lots of plants to eat and use medicinally and are always sharing meals with people that contain them. A gift book might help to enlighten them without being too preachy.