Natural band aid

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This was on Justin Rhodes site and I thought it was interesting.

For a cut, clean the wound as much as possible, ease the skin edges from end to end together. Taking the inside raw membrane of an egg, pull away from the shell and be careful not to touch any part of the membrane that would be used to cover the wound. Apply the wet side on the wound and cover cut with guaze and secure it.

I could see the membrane acting as tape. Possibly there might be healing qualities but also raw egg issues?


  • Monek Marie
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    I know thre are many other natural bandaids that can be used in an emergency situation that would probably be safer and better

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    I'd be a bit worried about raw egg issues too, even from my own chickens. One time I was out away from the house mending fence and I nicked my finger with the wire cutter. I was nearly done, and didn't seem bad enough to stop and trek back to the house at that moment, but it wouldn't stop bleeding either. I just bruised some yarrow, laid that on, and wrapped it with a big plantain leaf. The bleeding stopped almost immediately, and the plantain leaf held well enough for me to finish up the job and get back to the house.

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    I hadn't heard this one before. Lots online about it but not much for studies in the quick look I had. I found one study that indicated that wound healing was faster in the first few days but had little impact after that.

    Then I found a study using processed eggshell membrane powder. They found cell proliferation activity, in the early stages of wound healing and confirmed previously discovered anti-inflammatory effects.

    Bit finicky to pull out and use. But if you had it, it couldn't hurt. Not something that you could put in your first aid kit, though. :)

    I definitely wouldn't use store bought eggs for this. I wouldn't use this if the wounded person has an egg allergy.

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    Going with the thought of an egg allergy, quail eggs are known to be a safe option for people who have an egg least that's what I've read. People need to confirm this, before trying, with their own research of course, and take responsibility for their own actions.

    It is true that the shell make up of a quail egg is tight enough that bacteria does not get into the egg if it has no cracks. It is fully bacteria free. The egg whites of quail are often what is used to grow things in a lab and if I understand correctly, is used in some vaccines because it is naturally bacteria free. These eggs would be harder to open if the quail had enough calcium and they wouldn't be as readily available as chicken eggs. You would also need a tiny injury. 🤔

    I have heard of fish skin being used in injury surgeries. It is an interesting concept at the very least.