Compression/arthritis gloves

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After having shoulder surgery, I found the hand attached to that shoulder was a bit stiff and achey, from not getting much exercise (6 weeks in a sling) and my other hand, because it was getting all the use, flared up, especially my thumb and meaty palmy bit. Arthritis I’m afraid. So got to thinking about ways to help these poor old hands, naturally. I have my comfrey/hemp oil/rosemary lotion I made and then spotted a deal on line for compression-arthritis gloves. Got me a pair, my wife and my dad. They arrived today, going to try them tonight. One Compress the company I bought from, suggests to wear them for 8 hrs to get the full benefit, so going to try them whilst sleeping. Has anyone tried these before?

With regard to my arthritis-healing lotion, anyone got suggestions when I make another batch. I was going to add some cayenne pepper. I’d appreciate your thoughts.


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    @jodienancarrow I would think cayenne would be a great addition to your lotion.

    Did ther company suggest how long before you would notice a difference using the gloves?

    Feel better

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    Thumbs up on adding cayenne to your salve, @jodienancarrow. Rosalee de la Foret's recipe for cayenne salve is 1 oz. (30 gr) powdered cayenne to 8 oz. (250 ml) of oil. I have made it using double that strength but then combine it 50/50 with cottonwood oil. Works very well as an anti-inflammatory/anodyne.

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    I use the compression gloves at night with regular hand lotion. I can tell the difference they make. I could wear them during the day, but I am washing my hands too often to make that a practical solution.

    I got a great improvement to my hand arthritis by limiting the amount of nightshades that I eat. I also consume turmeric with my coffee and that helps with my knee arthritis as well. Nowadays my worst hand pain comes after I use my hands too much with chores or crafts.

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    Quick update. Last night was the 1st night wearing them and I lasted all night. The thumb that’s giving me grief seems not so cranky this morning but only early days, so far, so good. It would be futile wearing them during the day, as they’d get to knocked around and filthy. @Denise Grant nothing like that in company notes, probably more an individual thing. @torey thanks for the amounts of cayenne and love your pun “thumbs up” @shllnzl the company suggests crafty people with arthritis wear these gloves while crafting. Good to know you like them. I’m hearing you on nightshades but gee I love eggplant and tomatoes!

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    Are you still using them? I was using compression gloves while I sleep at night for a while, with some benefit, but now that it's the summer I've stopped. They are definitely great during the winter.

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    @stephanie447 not at the moment. Like you say, winters best. I still get hot flushes and the quirky thing with mine is, I get extremely sweaty fingers and the backs of my hands, so I found the gloves a bit annoying but I think they help.

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    I have a lot of pain in my thumbs. I should probably look into getting some compression gloves. I haven't tried cayenne salve on my hands either. Thanks for the suggestions.

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    I am not sure if these are in Australia, but thinking on this subject, wouldn't stinging nettle possibly help too?

    A metis relative said that making a ckokecherry berry concentrate & taking about 1 oz/day helps with gout & pain, so that would take in inflammation in that case. I have no idea if there would be an equivalent in your area.