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I thought this was a pretty interesting idea to try. My husband says that it sounds gross. I think I'm going to make some with the next deer my husband gets this year anyway.

Has anybody had any experience with it?


  • judsoncarroll4
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    It can be very good in small amounts. It is rich and more of a survival or energy food. I definitely prefer jerky. Some of the Native American folks I grew up with made it more as preserving a tradition than for regular eating. Everyone had their own little twist tot he recipes. I remember one with dried blueberries and sunflower seeds that was pretty good.

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    @judsoncarroll4 something told me that you would know a thing or two about it.

    My husband (for work and leisure) spends a lot of time away from the house. I'm always looking for healthy food options that travel easily for him. He doesn't have refrigeration in his truck and he never knows if he will be gone for 1, 2, or 3 days at a time someday. He tries to avoid eating out when he can for heal reasons. He is getting bored with most of the options we have thought of already.

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    @Michelle D You can use any berries when making it. Be careful of which fat you use, as this can change the flavor substantially.

    I understand that the women would often compete to see who could create the best pemmican, using various seasonal berries and more.

    Here is a recipe in an old book (1962) that I have:

  • Michelle D
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  • Torey
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    I found this book on making jerky that has a section specifically for pemmican. (Chapter 6, Page 287) Lots of other good recipes, too, including vegan jerky

    My husband bought an extruder last year and has been having fun making ground meat jerky. Sort of halfway between jerky and pemmican (without the fruit). I think some dried, ground berries would make a good addition and I am going to add some to the meat mix next time.

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    I made pemmican once. It's in my freezer. I need to use it and see how it tastes in soup.

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    I pray blessings on all the pemmican that is made by anyone that has ever used or will ever use the grow network site or anyone that has made or will make pemmican. Bless your pemmican!