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  • Sara W
    Sara W Posts: 35 ✭✭✭

    hI FOLKS There are a few links not working any more.

  • torey
    torey Moderator Posts: 4,181 admin

    @lintonpair Which course are you trying to access? I clicked on the "Read the full story here" link but it took me to a log-in that wouldn't accept my password.

  • Sara W
    Sara W Posts: 35 ✭✭✭

    This is odd. How did the comment end up here. I was using the academy, doing the meat ducks course and I had left a message at the bottom of the part I was watching to say one of the links for Ducks wasnt working Same as on the first Part of it.

  • torey
    torey Moderator Posts: 4,181 admin

    Not sure why but some of the comments in the Academy have been bumped to the forum.

    @Jimerson is our tech guy so maybe he can answer this question as well as why the Ducks link isn't working properly.

  • Jimerson
    Jimerson Super J Pilot Point, TXPosts: 286 admin

    Howdy howdy!

    @torey We decided to use forum threads as comment space for the academy courses to help facilitate community conversation about it!

    @lintonpair I appreciate you bringing this to our attention! It's often difficult to keep track of all the external websites we link to, but I'm so glad when someone points out an issue so I can keep it up to date!

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