KuneKune- Keeping Boar and Sow Together

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We're brainstorming adding to our homestead and I'm interested in Kunekune pigs.

I hear the boar is sexually mature around 8-9 months and "has his act together" at around a year. I read that the sows are sexually mature around 9 months but it's best to wait until they're a year old to breed.

I also read that they're companion animals, so they want company.

Most people seem to recommend keeping the boar and sows separate unless wanting them to breed, so they recommend the barrow (castrated male) with the boar or sow... but if we only want to pigs (the boar and sow), can we just run them together?

What could happen if a gilt gets bred before a year?

She'd still need a farrowing pen... after the piglets are born, do they need to stay away from the papa for any reason?

Any other considerations I should make before running them together?


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    @emkouma hi there and welcome to TGN. Are you in New Zealand? In my limited knowledge regarding pigs, people usually keep them separated except for breeding. The female needs to be mature enough to have and cope with a litter but mistakes happen and I’m sure things work out fine. Regarding keeping the boar away from the piglets, I guess that depends on the personality of the boar. He may be fine, he may be jealous and want to take out the babies. Don’t over think it, look what happens in nature! Maybe run them together and when she looks close to farrowing, then separate. You’ll know from their responses what they’d prefer.

    I’m sure you will get some great responses from other forum members. Welcome aboard and when you can check out the forum Front Porch Welcome. Hope you have fun and learn some along the way. Cheers Jodie