Help Appreciated!! Polycystic Kidney Disease & Polycythemia

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I have a friend who is currently suffering from these conditions. Of course conventional doctors have not been much help; just prescribing pharma pain pills and antibiotics... ughh. She wants to know natural things she can do on her own, and get to the root of the problem. I don't know much about either condition and I'm looking to this knowledgable group, hoping there's someone who may know more. I have been researching myself, as well... I haven't found too much. Is there a go-to source you all recommend when it comes to digging in to topics like this?

THANK YOU to anyone who can offer any help/guidance. I appreciate it so much!


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    A naturopath is a good place to start. One should find the best one available, which might be easier to do now that many do online appointments. Find one that has dealt with these issues before and is recommended by patients. I would say finding one who has been practicing for a number of years might yield a better result.

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    This is a very difficult condition for a home herbalist to deal with. It requires an individual, detailed work up to take all symptomology into account. I would also suggest a naturopath as being the best place to start, especially if you do a bit of research to find one that specializes in these or similar conditions.

    Not sure if this site will be of any use but it is written by an ND.

    There are some suggestions on this site as well.