What to do when you're bored. Buy a truck!

Monek Marie
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First of all I am never bored but I bought a truck is just a dull title.

I have needed a truck forever but did not want the extra cost or a gas guzzler and around here it's impossible to find any one to haul for you or they are a no show and you're left in a lurch.

It's also hard to have a farm or homestead with out a truck. It means your car trunk always has hay shaft in it or a few goats in transport in the back seat.

So, a truck came up on Market Place. It was a southern truck with no rust and fairly low mileage and I decided to go look at it.

It was an hour drive and once we got there and started talking to the guy we found out he went to the same high school as we did, small world.

I took it for a drive and properly scared the owner. That's what learning to drive on a dirt road does for you. I told the owner I would let him know in a few hours but I had to think about it (and do some research online). I came home and tried to talk myself out of it but I lost the battle.

On the way home we stopped at a flea market. It looked to be an outdoor market but the barn behind them had at least twenty vendors and tons of really old funky stuff. That made the vehicle buying experience more enjoyable. I also find a few perennial plants for sale on the way home so it was a good day.

And who needs a savings account anyways?


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    My grandparents were born and raised on farms but he became a dentist. He practiced in small town and then bought a farm to relax.They still lived in town so they had a 1949 Buick 4 door as their only vehicle. That was their "truck" to haul fertilizer, seed and other things, including dynamite to blow stumps, until they got a used Willys truck a few YEARS later. They also had a brace (pair) of mules used to help clear woods. They pulled logs to wagon, loaded the wagon, then pulled the wagon to sawmill. Over the years I have had several trucks,even living in town. Very useful even for family and friends but there were times when mules would have been more useful !

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    Sounds like my Dad's $750 Ranger. It was totalled by the insurance company because the repairs were more than the value of the vehicle. The front bumper was half ripped off, the left front headlight smashed and a bunch of dents. He bought it in a salvage auction for $700 and spent $50 for new headlight and odds and ends parts.

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