Flower jelly..keep some of that color year round

Ashley has a good post on various flower jellies, including some foraged types.


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    @RustBeltCowgirl Oh my, that is what I want to do! Thanks for the link!!

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    Very nice!

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    Great information! I can't wait to try dandelion jelly!!

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    @RustBeltCowgirl I don't think I've heard of flower jelly before.

    So cool, can't wait to give it a go.😊

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    It's been years, but I've made violet jelly and rose jelly. They both looked beautiful, and made great gifts, but mostly tasted of the lemon juice I put in them- not that there's anything wrong with a lemon jelly. Maybe it's my violets- they're not fragrant- but they don't taste like anything to me, in jelly or tea. Now my roses were fragrant, and the tea that was the base tasted of roses, but it was like the flavor cooked out in the final product. Maybe I should try the rose jam.

    When I made my flower jellies, my Grandma and Aunt told me their story about dandelion jelly. My Aunt and Uncle were visiting my Grandma. My Aunt was going to fry an egg for my Uncle, and Grandma mentioned that there was bacon grease she could use in the fridge. Of course, lots of unlabeled jars in my Grandma's fridge. My Aunt found what she thought was the bacon grease, and proceeded to cook the egg. My uncle's comment was that he'd never had a sweet egg before, but it wasn't bad. She'd gotten the jar of dandelion jelly instead.

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    Yum! That sounds delicious!

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    Wow, ty for sharing

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    Fireweed is the territorial flower of the Yukon and it is a very popular jelly. It can be found at gift shops, markets, tourist info sites, restaurants, etc., across the Yukon. Very pretty and not as heavily floral as some of the flower jellies. Some, like rose and lavender are a bit overpowering for my taste.