Growing Goldenseal

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I have purchased 1 goldenseal plant, not wild. Because of the one leaf i think it could be 3 years old. I need to repot into a bigger container. Since i live in SoCal i want to be sure this lovely little plant thrives. What i read online is a little overwhelming. Please if someone can lead me to how to make this plant survive i would be grateful. I am not familiar with Appalachia soil types and weather. What type of soil and water needs does this plant have? Please share


  • judsoncarroll4
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    Sure, no problem. Goldenseal likes a humus rich soil. It grows in the woods around here. It isn't overly sensitive - I have heard of people growing it in the garden. The soils around here are basically clay and loam under centuries of fallen leaves that have mulched down, tons of worms... deep, loose soil, tons of rain and fog.

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    Thank you! So cool moist? Does it tolerate hot temps? Dry? Sounds like part shade to full shade?