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So-so blackberries? — The Grow Network Community
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So-so blackberries?

I was so excited to find loads and loads of little blackberries. This is earlier in the season than I’m used to finding them, but I’m in a new area so that isn’t surprising. I picked at least a quart this morning, but they are tart at best, and at worst a little flavorless with almost a bitter aftertaste. I’m wondering if it’s the wild variety, how early the season is, or if anyone has any ideas. I’ve never had bad blackberries before! But with enough sugar...


  • toreytorey Moderator Posts: 3,072 admin

    Wow, blackberries so early! August is usually the time for blackberries in BC, even in the balmy south coast regions. Maybe that is why they are so tart? Are you able to identify the species? A pic of the plant would help. These look quite luscious. Too bad they don't taste as good as they look.

  • Megan VenturellaMegan Venturella Posts: 422 ✭✭✭✭

    @torey I’ll go get a picture and try to identify the species. It’s a beautiful stand of blackberries. Maybe later this season they’ll be better.

  • water2worldwater2world Sherry Jochen Sevierville, TNPosts: 372 ✭✭✭

    @Megan Venturella Made my mouth water!

    I would love some fresh (great-tasting) blackberries! Maybe, as Tory suggested, the timing has something to do with the taste. Hope it turns out to be an awesome stand of blackberries!

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