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Small Vegetable Garden — The Grow Network Community
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Small Vegetable Garden

dipat2005dipat2005 Posts: 413 ✭✭✭

I am getting this garden bed ready to plant. it is a strip that is quite long but less than 16inches wide. I plan to plant green beans, (peas in late July), bunching onions, swiss chard, spinach and kale. I have done many 12 inch gardens and the square foot gardening plan before. Like usual I will be using my own method of garden seed tape.

I am hoping to post a picture with this information. This is a before I put the soil down. I just emptied one bag of good soil into already good soil. First I had to remove the rocks. My Great Grandchildren like to paint rocks so I gladly gave the rocks away.

I had hoped to do a raised bed garden but in the interest of time I am opting to add soil including compost, perlite and other good stuff. My sweet granddaughter-in-law gave me some of Nature's Best and I added that to the garden I used last year where I will plant beets, bunching onions, and carrots. It has soil that is really great.

Does anyone else have a garden like this. If this picture loaded correctly it is the small dirt strip to the left of the yellow line. The box is the collector of all things trash.


  • Lisa KLisa K Posts: 664 ✭✭✭✭✭

    My dad had a garden running along a retaining wall at a house he used to live in. The bottom level of the yard he grew blackberries and the upper level he also grew beans and peas.

  • Monek MarieMonek Marie Moderator Posts: 2,225 admin


    It will be great. I just love seeing small spaces used to their fullest potential.

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