I've Been In Missouri One Year!

My one year anniversary of returning to my home state occurred this week! I left in the fall of 2006, spent 10 years near Seattle and 4 in Idaho.

My sister and Mom are treating me to a Bluegrass and Desert Under the Stars event tonight at their favorite bed and breakfast. We are also celebrating my semi-retirement. One more week of 12 hour shifts in the hospital kitchen, then I'm free to find creative ways to come up with the few hundred dollars I need each month to keep the bills paid. Looking forward to sleeping late (at least til 6 am!) and having coffee on the couch with the cats every day.

I have harvested several cherry tomatoes and some herbs from my patio garden. It's a pleasant spot to sit and I plan to do a lot more of that! Realistically, I can take the laptop out and work from there.

It's a little scary not having a job to go to. I'll get used to it, though.