Companion plant for strawberries?

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So a good friend of mine is moving a way to the city for his job. I wanted to give him a small potted garden to give him some "farm" in the city. I have some alpine strawberries started this spring, but I wanted to put something else in the pot, probably an herb. I want something low care that he won't have to worry about keeping alive, other than watering. I don't want to use mints because I figure they'll take over the pot. Any ideas?


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    From my experience, the strawberries will take over the pot. Maybe spinach (really good with strawberries in a salad) or lettuce? They're both annuals and can be taken out as the strawberries take over or reseeded when they bolt.

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    I have found that strawberries are pretty tolerant of companion plants. You don't need to worry about the companion plant holding back or interfering with the strawberries.

    The strawberries will eventually take over the pot or bed unless you keep them thinned, but that won't happen until late in year 1 at the earliest, more likely year 2, so you will have gotten a good harvest from the companion before that happens.

    You should refresh a strawberry bed after 3 years anyway. Pull all the plants, give away or discard some, and plant a few more thinly in new skill where you haven't grown strawberries for at least 3 years.

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    @Tave @VermontCathy Thanks for your replies. I've been growing alpine strawberries for several years, both in the ground and in pots, and they don't spread like regular strawberries at all. However, it won't really matter as I realized the only pot I have that's big enough for my "garden" idea is probably too big. So, he's just getting a single strawberry in a pot. Thanks for the ideas, though.