Sambo the Monkey - humor

In Response to @Monek Marie post about the funny goat... well since this isn't a goat story I thought I would stat a new thread.

I grew up in North Miami, FL so it shouldn't be strange that as kids we found a small spider monkey in our yard one day. We befriended him and he became a family pet. Or pest, depending on if you were a kid or one of the adults. We named him Sambo.

Anyway, my mom and dad ran a small studio on the main street (on 125th Street for those of you who know the Miami area) where my mom did photography and my dad did is artwork. Sambo loved being with people so he often went to the studio with my parents while we were at school.

My mom had a morning ritual of going to the hamburger joint down the street to get coffee. It came in a white bag and had all those little packets of sugar in the bottom of the bag. Sambo loved to dive into that bag grab a packet of sugar, swoop up to one of his perches, rip open the packet, turn up his head, and pour the sugar down his throat.

And then of course there was the literal monkey running around the studio for a while until the monkey had a sugar crash. My mom said she tried to prevent this, but the money was so fast and agile he often outwitted her. And quite frankly it was so funny to see this monkey rip open the packet and do the pouring sugar thing. that she resigned herself to it and always got an extra packet.

One day us kids were at the studio late and my mom decided we could all have hamburgers for dinner. My mom was pretty old school and normally every thing was cooked from whole foods so this was a big treat. We didn't have a lot of money and then, as is is now, it is more cost effective to buy and cook whole foods than it is to buy processed stuff. So the hamburgers were really rare. Actually that's the only time I remember us getting to eat hamburgers which might be why I remember this so clearly.

So we were all at the studio and when the white bags full of hamburgers arrived everyone was shocked to see Sambo dive bomb down into a bag and grab a little white packet. He went to one of his high places out of reach and ripped open the packet. We stared at him in horror because we knew his error. But he didn't know and eagerly tilted back his head and poured the white crystals in.

Sambo couldn't read and didn't know the difference SUGAR and SALT.

My mom laughed and laughed as Sambo circled the studio pawing at his mouth and complaining! She thought it was a just reward.