Summer Reading Programs at the Library

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I have participated in summer reading programs at the local library. They have wonderful programs for all ages. There is even a winter reading program and a poetry month too.

During the summer reading program we go to different parks (about 4 or 5) and do activities that are listed. We take part in art projects or walks. Last year we read a book that had a certain number and a color on or in the title.

Do any of you or your children take part in summer reading programs? What kinds of activities does your library include


  • Michelle D
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    My daughter used to participate in one at our local library. They aren't currently running it in an attempt to slow virus spread. When she was in it they never left the library. Parks sound like a fun addition. They always did crafts, had puppet shows, and sometimes there was hands on learning related to a selected book. I think my daughters favorite part was each year at the end of the program they let her put a gold star on the wall with her name on it!

  • water2world
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    @Michelle D it sounds like my son's summer reading program (28+ years ago) His favorite part was the gold star!