Musical Mushrooms?

So this is a very strange thing I stumbled into by accident. Don't understand it at all, but apparently the mushrooms are making music?


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    I found another video of this with a bit of an explanation (following), although I still don't quite understand the type of machine and how it works.

    "Bio data sonification measures changes in resistance that are converted to control voltages and gates for the modular synth. The control voltages from the cordyceps are patched into over 16 different synth parameters."

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    From what I understand all plants make some sort of noise or music. I am not sure if the sound varies by species or what they use to encourage sound but its quite fascinating

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    @MaryRowe @Monek Marie I believe that another student, in my daughters' class, did a science project about this very thing a coupe of years ago.

    It's much like what @Monek Marie said. The way I understand it is every living thing produces sound waves of some kind/frequency and that can be translated and tuned into music. If I remember correctly, the example of trees moving in the breeze and the sounds that create were what they used to help explain. It really was quite fascinating.😊

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    I agree this is fascinating and just goes to show there is so much going on all around us that humans in general are unaware of.

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    This all now reminds me of a paragraph in a book I didn't really "get" until now. In chapter 1 of David George Haskell's "The Songs of Trees" he mentions speaking with Waorani elders (a tribe in the Amazon rainforest) who complained that when the missionaries convinced them to wear clothing they all became "deaf" and couldn't hear the forest any more. People living that intimately with Nature for thousands of years would be deeply attuned to the sound waves produced by the trees around them in a way we civilized folk could never experience. So while I still don't understand the machine the mushrooms are making their music with, at least I understand that passage in the book now! You learn something every day on this forum....

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    Pretty cool!