Elderflower sirup

I have just finished making elderflower sirup. I hope it will last until next elderflower season. 

I collected 20-30 elderflowers. They should be very fresh and very fragrant. I spread them on a sheet outside, so that all insects can escape, then checked each and every. I never wash elderflower as they loose so much if washed.

Then I cut off as much of the green as possible, put them into a bucket and filled it almost full with cold water. I sliced 2 kg of organic lemons together with the peel and added to the elderflower water. Covered with a cloth, left for 24 hours in room temperature.

Next day I strained the liquid, added 1 kg sugar per 1 liter liquid, heated to 80C, filled in bottles. 

I will use it for my water kefir and summer drinks.

The sirup is very fragrant because of elderflower and lemon.