Monster "Too Big" Yellow Squash

James Fontan
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From time to time I have to pass on trips to my garden.

Today I came home with some yellow squash that had gotten too big.

If anyone has recipes for them, I'd love to try them out.




  • Torey
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    @James Fontan

    Welcome to TGN's forum! When you have the time there are a couple of links you should check out if you haven't already done so.

    "Our Front Porch Welcome" at:

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    With regards to the squash, are they summer squash (zucchini type) or winter squash?

  • Sharie
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    Squash soup perhaps? Make a big batch and freeze it in individual portions. I like Thai style with coconut and curry paste but you can do almost any style with it. I used to put my zucchini through the food processor grater and freeze it in bags for use in the winter. It makes a very fast veggie side dish with just a little butter and herbs or spices. If you bake there's even more options like muffins, loafs, cookies, etc. Chickens come in handy! I used to trade a fair bit of produce with an organic bakery who made yummier stuff out of it than I could have. Worst case, blend it and bury it in your garden to attract worms and feed the soil.

  • James Fontan
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    Thank you @torey & @Sharie!

    They're just your garden-variety of straight-neck summer squash. Thank you so much for your input! :-)

  • Torey
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    Well, if its summer squash then there is so much. Grated for baking as @Sharie has mentioned. I like grated for making fritters. Very good with some chives (or other herbs) and cheese added to the batter. You could spiralize it for raw "zoodles". Pickles. I make a zucchini relish that is a little bit like a yellow hot dog relish.

  • Monek Marie
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    It all depends on if they got seedy. If they are seedy I use them ground up or cut seed out and use outer sections for all of the above suggestions.

    They will make great pickles or relish.

    I love them in soups, either ground and used as soup stock base or cubed and mixed with other veggies

    And if they are not seedy, cut in rounds and battered and fried, cooked in oven and topped with pizza toppings, or used in lasagna.

    Most squash rounds will benefit from cooking lightly in the oven for a few minutes. It helps remove some of the moisture

  • frogvalley
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    I freeze the extra squash to enjoy during the winter. The above ideas are great! Gotta try me some squash soup.