ALERT: Contaminants in medications causing DNA damage

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Safe drugs aren't always safe like they want to claim. Most folks here are well aware of this fact. They are always an experiment usually with unknowns that are discovered sometimes a decade or two later. This is a common practice in the system.

I bet there are a lot more "safe" meds being used with unknown consequences. This only mentions a few conditions (notice that there are many others that aren't directly stated).

Why not use a safe, studied & proven natural alternative and skip the risk altogether?


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    While as a herbalist and homeopath, I whole-heartily support the use the use of alternatives to drugs wherever possible, I agree with a herbalist friend of mine. In a class she was teaching, she said if you have to take pharmaceuticals for any reason (and sometimes we get into a state of "dis-ease" where that might be necessary), get the brand name, not the generic drugs, cause you can never be certain of the same results or ingredients as with the original brand name drug.

    This article is just a confirmation for me.

    I'm not sure that any foreign country that has different manufacturing and production regulations (if any), that cannot be verified or are of a less standard that our own countries, should be a source of any medications.

    Quite awhile ago I had a telemarketer (with a very foreign accent) call me with offers of cheap medication. As soon as I mentioned that I thought he was an illegal drug trafficker and was calling the police to report his phone number, he hung up.

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    I'm still wondering if drug contaminants aren't responsible for some of the human insanity we are witnessing.

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    @shllnzl I would have no idea for sure, but I can attest to various synthetic additives causing behavioural issues and altered states of mind in people. I'm sure that the majority of these drugs will contain these. The only way to avoid it in drugs is to have a pharmacy compound them for you.

    I've seen the changes in others and witnessed it firsthand in myself & my immediate family. It can be subtle to demonic acting. If you allow yourself to go off of these and not keep feeding the body these additives, there is always a withdrawal that can be drastic. I have to say that certain additives are certainly more distinct in their affect than others.

    Some are instant, while some take a little while to affect the brain in a noticeable way. Sometimes it takes repeated ingestion to build up to a tipping point.

    It affects all people, regardless of age or size, and it is not something that you "grow out of". You can become addicted to them as well.

    The more you ingest, the more consistent it is. A person will heartily defend these additives and deny this as an issue, saying they cause no issues, all the while being immersed in them and affected by them (I so totally did this! 😳).

    It can take up to 3 months of complete abstinence from these additives for your body to clear itself of them. Once you are free of them, but then you ingest them again, it can be very clear to see how they change you.

    We think many people would be kinder, more gentle, less violent & obstinate, less stressed and have less health problems if they would just say no to ingesting these and either grow their own foods and/or be very selective in knowing the ingredients in their food. Read all ingredient lists...always even ingredients of ingredients! There can be color in white & clear products vanillaice cream, clear flavorings). The worst offenders are synthetic colors & flavors, some preservatives (nitrates & nitrites, TBHQ, BHA, BHT, benzoates), & artificial sweeteners.

    So, it might not just be contaminants in the drugs. The "safe & approved" synthetic additives are enough to alter behavior all on their own...and everyone eats these every day.

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    You know what I find funny.... if anyone but you had posted this, you would have sent a warning! Of course, that makes me take it more seriously, since it is you posting...

    Seriously though, I have been following such things and am very concerned. I appreciate you posting this.

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    @judsoncarroll4 Not necessarily. 😆 I do check the source carefully and cross check as well. But...I get it. I am pretty cautious. I did think how ironic it might seem to others here to post this.

    If it was any other website/news source, I might really wonder, especially with all the nonsense being put out on almost every platform these days. You have to check it all and it can be exhausting!

    Any news source (even a formerly trusted and mainstream one) can easily pump out falsehoods. No source is infallible & this news source is certainly not above pumping out whatever for their or others' purposes.

    You are so funny. I could make mistakes too as you know!

    Anyway, I come at this story knowing I've been lied to by many doctors about the total safety of a widely used med they were trying to force on me. That admission only came once the doctor had no choice but to admit it once he was backed into a corner. I knew my stuff well after studying it for years!

    I think there is a lot out there that we don't know about the products around us. I think a lot of manufacturers often don't know all the repercussions until someone else discovers something. Quite often they still know more than they tell us, though!

    In the end, it's always good to be cautious and stick to as basic and natural (and well researched) as possible. That's why I'm glad we have this fantastic forum.

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    And what about those of us that eat meat? What drugs have those animals been given that affect their DNA........and then ours?

    And those of us that drink water for which there aren't tests for all of this things?

    My kids make fun of me because I tell them about x, y, and z. Back when there weren't all of these "things" being added to our lives and food supply, life was easier. You didn't have to be a health care expert to fix and eat dinner. I can't even say that I want to go back to the good ole days because that's when the chemical takeover started. I'm speechless.

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    Not surprising, but horrific.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I hate doctors that are like that. I believe that people need to have informed consent so they can make their own choices when it comes to their health and that doctors are there to guide not dictate.

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    Yes, @Cornelius . But if a person just wants a doctor to fix them (and there are many such people) then the doctors are being conditioned to dictate. They don't know how to deal with people like us. LOL

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    OK, so we should use the non-generic drug. Thanks@torey, I never realized there was a difference, but fortunately we are not taking any drugs at all--though in the past we had issues that 'needed' meds.

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    I honestly don't think non-generic drugs are really that much safer. Look at what has happened at the J&J plant in Baltimore recently. (Can't get more specific than that here.)

    However, we can't trust store-bought herbs necessarily either. Heck, there was an issue a few years back about a brand of turmeric found in the spice rack being contaminated.

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    My biggest issue, I suppose, really isn't about contaminants. It is that nearly every pharmaceutical drug affects gut health, and a lot of them just kill everything off... and most of what actually comprises us is bacteria and fungi. Whether the drugs are killing that stuff or altering it.... or altering our brain chemistry in regard to anti-depressants and psychoactive meds and ADD drugs that most kids are on.... this can't turn out well. As I've said before, my grandmother was killed because her doctor went on vacation and the fill in prescribed her a contra-indicated drug. She got sick, but the nurse insisted on "following the doctor's orders." She died, poisoned to death. I don't go to doctors. I don't take meds. But, everyone else does, so now I worry about municipal water.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning well..... I personally do not take any medicaments. It took me a long time to persuade my husband to get rid of all - and altogether with getting rid of medication he got rid of illnesses. @torey I agree to what you say: meat, water, .... We buy from locals whome we know. They know us and would not sell us anything contaminated. And the water comes from the mountains...but what can one do, when one lives in a city, drinks water from the tap, buys in a supermarket and is not rich enough to buy only organic food... This makes me sad. Our children and grandchildren live like this. I try not to comment too much on what they eat and what pills as food enhances they swallow. I even try not to comment too much on what my neighbours do, although they could have all the treasures from nature or reliable farmers. People want to live their way and learn their way. It is only when they are seriously ill, they look for advise and only when they are deadly ill they look for alternative ways of healing. But only some. I know many doctors who died - they could not, would not accept that there is some other way to heal them.

    I try not to give my advice when I see that a person does not want it. Although it is difficult. Very often I feel I am a black sheep. As if I am the only one to live without any pharmaceutical product... But, if I am very seriously ill and land in a hospital I might take what they give... Fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen

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    @stephanie447 I did not mean to indicate that I thought brand name drugs are "safer" than generic drugs. The reason behind the statement was because the original drug manufacturer, that patented the medication, used as specific formula when the drug was tested in studies. When other drug manufacturers are allowed to produce a generic form after the original patent expires (after 20 years), they get to use the same studies even though their filler products may not be the same. While most of the fillers are considered "inert", there is no telling what effect they might have in combination with the particular chemical of the drug. Yes, brand name drugs can also have contaminants. We have all seen reports of recalls. When its a brand name, we can generally know where it is being produced. Not the same can be said for most generic products that are usually bought in bulk and just get a chain store label put on the bottle.

    I agree that we must also be cautious of where our herbs come from. I buy most of what I cannot grow or forage from a very reputable supplier.

    @jowitt.europe It is a very difficult situation to watch people go down the pharmaceutical rabbit hole. Those who decline medications in any form are few and far between. I am fortunate to belong to a group of like minded people who never see doctors (unless for a broken bone, stitches, etc.), only use herbs or homeopathic remedies and try to live as natural a lifestyle as possible. So we support each other in our personal health decisions. That support includes our food. When one of us locates a great farm or ranch for sources of food, we share that info with each other and often make joint bulk purchases. This is my health family. Our "blood" families are not as enlightened about alternatives as we are and it is indeed difficult to watch them as they do nothing about their health until there is an issue and only when modern medicine fails them, do I get the call. One of the first things I always ask is "Why didn't you call sooner?" To them alternatives are the last resort, instead of pharmaceuticals and surgeries (heroic medicine) being the last resort if the herbs and other treatments don't work.

    @judsoncarroll4 I agree. Pharmaceuticals should be last resort medicines. As you say, they can affect gut health and alter our ways of thinking in addition to the very many side effects they are required to list on the pharmaceutical sheets that come with the prescription. But there are some people who have developed issues that require medications and while they may be willing to work towards pharma-independence, it can take time to make that change.

    Some members here on TGN have might have joined as a pathway to health. The article that initiated this discussion is good info for those members who may still be taking medications as they find their way along this path. And good info for us to hand out to our relatives, friends, associates, etc. when the subject of pharma vs alternatives comes up.

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    I am lucky not to be on any drug prescriptions. I also avoid doctors and hospital unless I absolutely need them. And I try to buy local meats and veggies if I do not grow them. I still have a few bad habits to get rid of.

    I have a family that is too dependent of prescriptions but we are working with some to help them find a better solution. And I have a few that would just rather take pills and hope side effects don't happen.

    Persoanally I am too frugal to want to have to depend on expensive prescriptions to help me feel better.

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    I personally am not on any medications, but I take care of two elders who are.

    My uncle (88) was put on hospice for end stage COPD three years ago, with the expectation that death was imminent.

    Prior to going into hospice care he was on a ton of meds. I can't even remember how many but it was a lot, I recall Coumadin, about three different blood pressure meds, diuretics, digoxin, nitro, etc. He was told by his former primary doctor (before he moved in with me in another state) that he had two aneurysms in his brain, that he had a host of heart issues, that he suffered from mini-strokes, had paralysis in a throat muscle and heart muscle, and on an on etc.

    Hospice only allows "comfort" meds so his list dropped significantly to one blood pressure med, digoxin and one diuretic. The assumption was that with the removal of all of these "life saving" meds he would die.

    Guess what? We are three years out and while he is suffering from the COPD, not a single dire event from all of the "other" dire health issues. Did he ever really even need them, were the issues ever really there, were they giving him meds that caused the symptoms so they had to give others to correct that?

    Oh, the many questions I have regarding pharmaceuticals and the modern medical field.

    (FYI, we provide him with all of the comfort care that we can to make his journey smooth, we encourage as much independence as he is capable of for as long as he is capable. I don't know how long this road will be or what it will look like tomorrow, every day is a new day. I have tried to suggest natural remedies but everyone thinks I am crazy. 😉)

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    @Desiree I think you uncovered a lot that doctors don't want people to be aware of. Keep on going. I am glad that you are helping your uncle live out his days in a more natural way. I bet he is much healthier! I hope he appreciates it too.

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    In one of my classes a student said the reason Pharmaceuticals are so expansive is because of capitalism. I have taken Micro Economics and the real reason is because it functions as a monopoly (no competition) and convinces the consumer that their is no close alternative (this again decreases competition). The more competition the lower the price.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I would say that to some degree he is healthier, I sneak in herbs through food (researched to not cause harm) but I would wish COPD on NO ONE! This disease is so horrible at it's end stages. My advice to all would be...TAKE CARE OF YOUR LUNGS! I wish I could say he appreciates the care he receives, but he is at a very "self" centered place now. I am sure that on some level there is gratitude and appreciation but the visible signs are basically "it's all about me" with him right now. From all of the research I have done on end stage COPD, mental decline, depression, aggression, etc. only escalate as the disease progresses. He wants to die and his body won't. How do you say anything to counter that thought, there are no words that can penetrate with some people, I've tried. So we take things moment by moment, day by day, etc.