A slightly odd hobby - - Dumpster diving

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As @Monek Marie and I can tell you, it can be lots of fun. Just like "roadside foraging".

All I can say for find #3 is "Seriously!!??" Too lazy to sell it?

Newest piece of "roadside treasure" at my house; neighbor across the street put out a little tow behind trailer for a riding lawnmower. Dad promptly snagged it. One tire flat, both tires dry rotting. 2 new tires are way less than the cost of a new trailer.

By the way, check out the very next article after this one. Gimme Shelter. Worth reading and goes well with dumpster diving.


  • Monek Marie
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    The money I have made form dumpster diving. The good old days.

  • karenjanicki
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    We did this in college. People would throw out brand new appliances, clothes, computer's, you name it at the end of the year. It was nuts.

  • JennyT Upstate South Carolina
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    We do this often. Some of my kids are a little addicted to it and ask often.😄

    We visit mostly at local construction sites to get the wood for raised garden beds and other things. The chicken coop was made with mostly "found" materials from the dumpster.

    I bought a sheet of fiberglass sheeting to use as a removable floor, at a Habitat resale shop, it was around $5. And my brother-in-law gave me some extra shingles he'd been given so that was our roof. I already had old milk crates for the nesting boxes and cinder blocks to prop it up so it wasn't on bare ground. We had kept the extra soffit pieces from our roof getting done on our previous house and that was the front and back removable, breathable "siding" which made for easier cleaning.

    I was pretty proud that I was able to get a coop built for practically nothing. 😊