Happy (?) Canada 🇨🇦 Day to all Canadians

With all the turmoil & very un-Canadian type of things going on in Canada right now, I wasn't sure that I wanted to post this. I have taught our kids to be proud of our country...at least as it was. I thought it important to know both their personal cultural & their country's history. You need to know world history so you hopefully will not repeat the bad and can help defend the good.

Unfortunately, our oldest no longer loves her country and has become angry & bitter as many others have also become. 😔 I still have a tiny bit of hope that things may change, although it is quickly waning as well.

I find that it is hard to be proud of Canada, considering the oppressive political climate as it stands today & how it has so very negatively impacted its citizens. It is very deeply disturbing and sad.

As I state the above, I feel that we also need to recognize that all countries & peoples have dark parts in their history and all have their current problems. Remembering the kids that suffered in the residential schools is an important thing to recognize...but that is not just a one day remembrance. It needs to be acknowledged and the survivors supported in their grief & recovery as the important individuals that they are...just as how we would wish to be if we had been in their place. My heart breaks for them.

None of us knows how the current situation(s) that are affecting us all will play out. I personally find it very stressful as I would rather live in peace and freedom and have others about me experience the same.

Even so, we still live in a land of natural beauty & diverse geographical landscape and do have some wonderful giving & friendly people in spite of everything else going on around us. At this time, we still do a have some freedoms that other countries have lost and we can join together in celebrating these things.

So, I thought it best to still wish all Canadian members a happy Canada Day. May you have a good & peaceful day.



  • Linda Bittle
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    Very similar to how I, as an American, feel. What happened to us?

    History happened.

    Lots of it has been ugly and distressing, but I don't think Canada or the US is any more wretched than anywhere else. There's plenty of blame to go around, and really, show me a country without dark parts...

    Happy Canada day to you, and to all Canadians!

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @LaurieLovesLearning you’re right, each country has it’s dark past, current political turmoil and people feeling less than good about the way things are going. BUT as you say, there is hope for the future, there are some very special humans out there (you are one of them) that make this world a better place. Keep on keeping on and celebrate the country you love.


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    We usually go out and have fun on Canada Day. Not this year. As with last year, we chose to stay at home.

    Our kids that are still at home, still dressed up, decorated and celebrated. We will have smoked & roasted porkchops over an open fire, s'mores with maple marshmallows & ice cream tonight. They asked about fireworks, but I am not sure if there will be any anywhere this year.

    🤦‍♀️ I just remembered that we forgot to make our maple leaf sugar cookies! It's a bit too hot for that anyway. Maybe we will do that just for fun next week instead, when it cools off.

    I am proud of our children, am happy that we are together as a family instead of divided, and appreciate that they can still express some innocence and love to play.

    @Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri & @JodieDownUnder Hugs to you both.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    One thing I will say for Canada, it has the best national anthem.... and the McKenzie brothers, hey!

  • Annie Kate
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    Yes, there is a lot of bad stuff, and today there is at least as much as there was before. For example, the foster care system is still taking many native children away from their parents and that is also partly because 'we know best and you don't' just as in the past.

    And that is what the problem still is; there always seem to be powerful groups that want to force everyone to do things their way and will manipulate and do other things to impose what they think is good. It's not just the past; the future will look at today and shake their heads in disbelief.

    And, yes, happy Canada Day. Our area had no official fireworks but there were more private ones than I've ever seen in Canada. That made me very happy, and made the wild turkeys very alarmed.

  • Monek Marie
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    @LaurieLovesLearning What you have planned sounds wonderful. Enjoy your day and find comfort in the small things.

    Its a rough time for many countries and I hope we wake up and find a way for change and improvement. I guess at this time we need to hold on to our memories and family.

    Happy Canada Day!~