Favourite spices or seasoning blends

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Do you blend spices yourself? What are your favourite spice mixtures?

I love herbes de provence. I am about to make a my new blend as most of the herbs are available in my garden. There are different recipes. I usually make from what I have. This year’s mixture is lavender blossoms, marjoram tops, rosemary leaves, savoury tops, thyme. I take equal amounts of all these herbs already dried, mix them and store in a tightly closed container. Some recipes suggest adding basil, but I have too little for the mixture and I use it for tomato mozzarella dish.


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    I have made my own Italian mixture and I recently got a book that has Ayruveda spice mixtures based on seasons that I will be making,

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    I have not made my own spice mixes before But I know this group and the new knowledge I have gain will encourage me to do so.

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    @Monek Marie This might help you out some. A lot of duplicate pins, but enough to keep you busy.

    Plus this one:

    Read through all the other blends listed down in the additional ones not included in this post.

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    @RustBeltCowgirl thank you! That is a heavy homework. So many possibilities. I am a fan of mild herbal mixtures. No chilli, no pepper. I have chosen the poultry seasoning mix.

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    @jowitt.europe I like to mix the following spices, 1 teaspoon of each. Cumin, coriander, cinnamon and asafoetida. Throw them in when I’m sweating off the onion and garlic, adds a nice depth of flavour. In the mornings I add turmeric, cinnamon and a pinch of pepper to our rolled oats for brekky. I had a heap of fresh herbs and greens a few weeks ago and I made a pesto from parsley, mustard greens, garlic and lemon juice and grated lemon rind. Put it in 100g lots in zip lock bags and froze them. Like you I used what was on hand. I’ve got a heap of coriander to do something with very soon.

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    I have a Italian sausage recipe mix I can't keep around long enough and a Greek seasoning mix I make myself pretty regularly too.

    I'd like to be able to do something like your blend @jowitt.europe. I'm hoping to once we're in our new place.😊

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    @JennyT Upstate South Carolina what is in your Greek seasoning mix? I like Greek kitchen. Greek flavour brings back nice memories of holidays in Greece.

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    @JodieDownUnder I had to google asafoetida. I guess one can omit it. I am not sure whether we have it here. Otherwise all other herbs are familiar. Well, nice to experiment with something new!

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    Having some Cajun and Creole heritage, I am especially fond of Cajun and Creole Seasonings. I don't use it on everything, but it is perfect on most anything fried - fries, squash, chicken, etc.

    I just spotted this - I'll have to try a few more of them!

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    I'll have to see if I can find it easily, most of our stuff is still packed away. I believe I know where it is but I'll need to check and get back to you @jowitt.europe.😊

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    @JennyT Upstate South Carolina oh never mind. @judsoncarroll4 has posted a DIY list of blends and the Greek one is among them! Thank you @judsoncarroll4

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    @judsoncarroll4 great list of blends, thanks!

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    Thank you for the great list of spices @judsoncarroll4 . I have thought of making my own but I do not grow anything on the list. The other problems of course are my allergies. I will have to work on something simple.

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    I've been working up a sweet blend. 2 parts ground cinnamon, 1 part ground cardamom, and 1/4 part ground ginger. I like to add it to sweet potatoes or yams with lots of butter and some local raw honey to taste. I'm not fond of nutmeg, but if you are, try adding some of that, too.

    Of the herbs I grow, I like equal amounts of rosemary and lemon thyme, thrown in with pork or chicken (Instant Pot or oven) Add garlic to taste, and salt and pepper

    I generally like simple blends and then add "extra" if I want.

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    I mix up my own chili powder, cajun, and curry blends pretty often. When I make a curry, I used the specific spices it calls for, but I like to have a basic blend on hand to add to things like fried rice or noodle dishes. And I have a favorite "secret" dipping sauce- one part mayo, one part ketchup, and a dash of curry powder. Add some Ume vinegar( actually a brine) if you have it, but it's not essential. Really good on chicken nuggets, etc.

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    I recently mixed my own Italian blend - seems like that is a popular one.

    I had been purchasing git from a spice company and then though "why don't I make it myself?"

    With my paprika plant full of peppers I harvested and dried them along with my oregano and then combined a few other things that I saw listed on the ingredients of the one I had been purchasing.

    It really turned out great and I am so glad to not need to order it anymore!

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    I have been wanting to try some of these I found.