Mushrooms in a chocolate torte!

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Today I've been reading about mushrooms as a superfood, and this is my favorite article yet--starts off with a summary of the main benefits of seven popular mushrooms, then finishes with an amazing recipe for a chocolate mushroom concoction that I will definitely be trying out tomorrow.


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    @MaryRowe Good article. Looks like an awesome recipe. But how could anyone find fault with a recipe that has a pound of chocolate!

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    @MaryRowe You're absolutely correct, definitely need to be trying this out here. Right away.😊

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    Interesting recipe. If I try this I think I'll increase the amount of powder and leave out the dehydrated mushrooms so that people will actually be willing to eat it :)

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    Wow. Not sure how I feel about that. I like mushrooms and chocolate, but mixing them together?

    My ex made really good chili with both beef and beans. Once he added a bunch of mushrooms, which didn't really enhance the flavor but just looked wrong.

    Please report back if you try it!

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    @MaryRowe great article and recipe, I’ll give that torte a go. Ever since I read an article a few years ago on the importance of mushrooms in the diet, I have been a huge fan. Did you also know that if women eat at least 1 mushroom a day (of any kind) our chance of breast cancer drops by 63%! I start my day with a cup of Chaga tea and throughout the day have a lions mane tea. These come in a powdered form, 1 level teaspoon to a cup of boiling water. I also use the Chaga powder as a form of stock when I’m cooking. My fav mushroom to eat fresh is Portobello and recently I bought a oyster mushroom kit to grow some at home.

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    I've always want to try growing mushrooms from a kit myself.@JodieDownUnder

    The funny thing is that while we were out working on our property this weekend, I think I found a place that has chanterelle mushrooms growing. I need to confirm with few more sources but I was very excited to see them.😊

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    I tried the recipe today, and it is a truly fine thing. Even with a few adaptations: used ghee instead of coconut oil in the crust because that was what I had, and no expresso because I didn't have that. Used reishi powder in the filling because that's what I had, a bit more than called for, but not sure how much more. (One of the cats decided that whatever I was doing was too interesting and suddenly jumped up to help at the moment I was measuring--brief moment of chaos...) Wasn't sure whether I'd like the dried mushrooms on top, so only put a few on one half. I let it sit in the fridge about four hours. (That was the hard part....)

    Verdict: rich yummy crust with a luscious, very rich and chocolatey fudge filling. You'd never guess there was mushroom powder in it. I'm glad I only put a few dried mushrooms on though--looks cool, but they are kind of chewy and tough after sitting in that fudge in the fridge for hours. I'm already thinking about variations--how about either grated orange peel or finely chopped chocolate mint in the filling and/or the crust? Many other possibilities too....And now I'm also thinking about what else you could add mushroom powder to.....

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    Harmonic Arts is a Canadian herb company that has a selection of mushroom powders and combinations including a 5 mushroom hot chocolate (similar to the Four Sigmatic blends). They have quite a few recipes in their blog for both sweet and savoury tastes.

    This one is for a garlicy mushroom pate.

    This one is for a mushroom miso.

    These next two use the mushroom hot chocolate mix.

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    The article has good information as to what each type of mushroom does. Not quite sure about the mushrooms in the torte though. Think I'd rather have mushroom soup, then torte for dessert. Although, if offered such a torte, of course I'd have to give it a try.

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    @torey Those are some fine recipes. The mushroom truffles particularly caught my eye, and that is definitely on my list to try next.

    I hadn't thought to check Four Stigmatic for recipes. Their recipe page is not easy to find, and they don't have many recipes, mostly smoothies--disappointingly little imagination, I would expect more from that group! They do have a really promising "Mushroom coffee nice cream" (ice cream alternative) that looks worth trying out though.

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    Haha I'm not sure I would like that. That sounds like a rather odd and kind of disgusting idea 😂. I like mushrooms and chocolate but I'm not sure about together. I'd like to hear how it tastes though if you do make it!

  • Torey
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    @MaryRowe The recipes using the mushroom chocolate mix are awesome. I see they have changed the recipe for the fudgesicles. The original recipe I got from Harmonic Arts didn't have avocados. I will post it here for comparison. I think I would really like it with the avocados but this recipe is very good, too.

    1/2 c semi-sweet chocolate chips

    1 cup coconut cream

    2 tbsp honey or maple syrup

    1 cup milk or mylk of choice (almond, cow, cashew.. all good!)

    4 tbsp Harmonic Arts 5 Mushroom Chocolate elixir

    In a medium saucepan, over low heat, melt the chocolate chips stirring continuously. Increase the heat to medium, and add in the coconut milk, stirring until completely blended. Add the honey and stir until dissolved. Remove from heat, add the remaining milk and the Elixir powder. Blend well. Pour into molds and freeze until hard.


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    I took Adriana's course "Indigenous Plant Medicine & Rituals From The Rainforest" lived it and it was very interested and her business Anima Mundi has a lot of interesting products and articles.

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    GT's has a Alive Ancient Mushroom Elixir. It's a sparkling tea made with adaptogenic mushrooms. It tastes lightly of root beer. I love it but can only find it at Whole Foods now so I only get one every once in a while when we go on a trip with a Whole Foods in the area.