TGN Monthly Community Show - I need your help!

Ruth Ann Reyes
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Hey everyone,

I'm wanting to design a monthly community-based show (w/ a clever name) where Marjory interviews people in our space, preferably on a predefined topic, and then Marjory and the guest have time for an interactive question and answer segment with the audience.

I'm thinking of creating a curated "curriculum" for lack of a better term. So, we'll come up w/ a bunch of topics that the community is interested in as well as a potential guest list.

My questions to you are...

  1. Do you have any ideas for a clever name for the show? Like "fireside chats" or "coffee and crime time" - anything that is clever and catchy.
  2. Do you have ideas for topics you'd love to hear Marjory and a guest speak about?
  3. Do you have anyone that you'd love to see Marjory interview?

Thanks, y'all! I appreciate your help!



  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    So just for clarification, when you say community based, does this mean interviewing members from our membership on the forum, interviewing from the larger community (like Summit presenters), all of the above, or something else? Is it fluid?

    1. I actually like "Fireside Chats". It fits well with the forum categories, our Front Porch, Back 40, the Kitchen and so on. It sounds relaxing & friendly.

    2. I will have to think on topics to discuss. I am looking forward to what others might suggest, giving me a spark to help me think.

    3. I might have suggestions once I know more! 😄

  • vickeym
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    Let's see topics for interviews

    Growing on a budget

    Growing in the far north climate, then in other shows growing in _________ climate

    Top ___ medicinals to grow at home to get started in herbal medicine

    Top ___ medicinals to grow at home for a no doctor available situation

    wool- from sheep to yarn

    how to build a solar dehydrator

    I could come up with a lot more but I'll stop here for now.

    People in our group to interview

    Torey, Laurieloveslearning, judsoncarroll4, oh wow, there are so many here with such great information to share. Almost anyone here, but those are the first 3 that come to mind.

    If the interviews are not just from our network....

    Patrick Jones is always wonderful, Rosemary Gladstar are the first two that come to mind for me.

    A name for the show...

    Meandering with Marjory

    DIY for health and future

    Back to our beginnings

    Growing for a better tomorrow

    Real living for real people

    Hope this gets everyone started on more ideas.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
    Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 576 admin

    Laurie, I am open to interviewing anyone in the industry, or even community members a like! There really are no rules here! We're making it up as we go along! :)

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Thanks @Ruth Ann Reyes! I will do some thinking on it.

    For someone not on the forum, if you could get K.P. Khalsa, Rosemary Gladstar and Rosalee de la Forêt, they would be excellent.

    We have some really interesting members on the forum. It would be fun to hear their voices in an interview! I think it would also be good to get to know the paid team members who work hard here. Familiarity & openness...ah, authenticity is the word I a very big deal in today's society and in any community.

    I'm thinking about topics/questions like, what got you involved here, what things have you done in the past, where have you lived or travelled & what were your takeaways or favorite things about the area, what are your favorite topics to talk about or favorite activities (your passions), etc.

    Interesting stories once a ___ might be good (Monek Marie has a wealth of fantastic non stop stories). Judson is a story teller too. I bet Torey has some interesting ones about being out foraging or when helping others. Maybe a kids feature, either stories for kids or a project for them to try. Perhaps (with parents permission) an interview (with no specific identifying information) about what their passions are and goals a kids to/for kids feature to encourage them to learn new skills?

    I would love to learn more about other countries from those who live there.

    That's all I've got right now.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    How about "A Wild Time With Marjory Wildcraft"?

    Of course, I would be glad to be interviewed. My friend and teacher, Matt Powers, would likely be willing.

  • Monek Marie
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    Year round gardening

    Small space gardening

    working at home ideas

    garden to table ideas

    Micro climates

    beginning carpentry

    Any classes that help a person become more sustainable. Its very hard to find help when you need it and sometimes the cost is more that you can afford. To be able to do more for yourself or build a community around you that could share projects would be great

    Could you do a small farm, garden or learning tour with some of our members? The wealth of ideas here is amazing

    Could there be a class or classes that would help people be able to share what they are doing better? I would love to do a DIY video but I am clueless in that department. Cells phones are still a challenge and you can share that way a ton of info - if you know how.

    I like the fireside chat idea

  • Tave
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    I like the Fireside Chat, as well.

    Something that I'm very interested in is knowing what herbs from different climates do the same job. Just as an example, comfrey doesn't grow where I live. What plant will do the same job? I read somewhere that borage can take its place, and that does grow here.

  • Lisa K
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    Ha, I like @RustBeltCowgirl suggestion of "Dishing the Dirt". Another possible name - "Garden Table Talk".

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    One thought that I do have about garden themed names, is that "grow your own" includes animals as well. Don't forget about them! 😄

  • shllnzl
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    I think something Front Porch might evoke the relaxed (tell that to a gardener!) country lifestyle slightly better. Here goes random thoughts:

    Chatting on the Front Porch

    Sipping on the veranda

    Afternoon breezes with Marjory

    Shooting the Breeze with Marjory

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @Ruth Ann Reyes After the name has been narrowed down to 10 or so, could we have a community vote for popularity? Of course, the final say is still yours, but it could be fun to do.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
    Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 576 admin

    Ooo, I like that! @Jimerson recommended "modern growth" - as he felt it should have "grow" in the name. I really like "grow your own...with Marjory Wildcraft"

  • AdrienneHew
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    My first thought was 'Down n' Dirty with Marjory' to signify that one gets down in the dirt to do the work in the garden, but also that the content is thorough and not fluff. It's also a phrase people know, which helps with retention. I naturally gravitate toward double entendre. Then in your tagline, you can include something about 'growing your own'.

    Fireside Chat has a certain ring to it because of FDR, but could unleash a backlash due to his role in getting government involved in industrial farming (as I understand it).

    I'd love to know how you guys built this network actually. I've taken dozens of courses in online business and it's always the outsourcing and finding a reliable staff that has kept me from being able to build a big enough network. So basically, interviewing people on the business side of having an online presence in this niche would be huge!

    COWLOVINGIRL Posts: 954 ✭✭✭✭

    People to interview

    @LaurieLovesLearning, @torey


    • making a profit out what you are already doing
    • home dairy
    • growing animal feeds
    • how to make your garden pretty
    • tea blending
    • sewing your own clothes
    • foraging
    • plant identification
    • breadmaking



  • jowitt.europe
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    I would also like to hear how this network was built up and developed. Successes and failures leading to new successes. Ideas for the future development.

    It would be lovely to see and hear the voices of the key staff and @LaurieLovesLearning and @torey and @judsoncarroll4 and @Monek Marie - the storyteller and many others. Something personal and interesting, with humour. We are all human. Somehow personal information helps developing some feeling of belonging to this community.

    i vote for “Grow your own... with Marjory Wildcraft” or something like “the future is in growing your own... with Marjory Wildcraft” but I also like something very informal like “fireside chats”

    I like @vickeym idea of speaking about growing in different climates

    it would also be interesting to hear some statistics about network members: how many, where from, age groups, interest groups, climate groups...

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @Ruth Ann Reyes Possible show names, The Grow Lowdown or The Grow Lore. Lowdown- story or truth. Lore- all the facts.

    Topics, mindfulness, self care, using herbal medications on animals. Business opportunities with small farms.

    People to interview- Doc Jones, Nick Polizzi, Ocean Robbins, Rosemary De La Floret, Kammi McBride, Judson, Torey, Laurie, Jolanta and Denise.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Yes, herb use for animals. That is a very good topic. Personally, I'd like to see it for the animals I have...cow, horse, various types of poultry (respiratory is a big deal), dog, cat, camelids...hedgehog? Dr. Jones wants a hedgehog! Haha

  • kbmbillups1
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    For names how about Mud pies with Marjory, Garden wisdom with Marjory, Rocking Chair Garden Chats with Marjory

    For people to interview I agree with the ones mentioned so far.

    I'd like to learn more about herbs and weeds and their uses, organic gardening - how to get rid of pests, why my radishes didn't grow (just a veggie example), things like that.

  • Torey
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    I'd like to thank everyone for the votes up to be interviewed. I am humbled. I'm not very comfortable being interviewed but Judson has made it a lot easier for me.

    I think the subject of growing in extreme climates would generate quite a bit of interest. We have members who live in the far north or at high elevations with cold extremes. Some members are dealing with the high heat and low humidity of deserts. Others are dealing with very high humidity levels creating issues of mold and mildew on plants. Some of us are living in areas that are going through climate changes or extremes and we may have to adapt to growing conditions that we are not used to.

    Some of us struggle with technology (me) but our members who are so inclined or our younger members might appreciate a speaker who can tell us how to adapt technology to our advantage in the garden. Electronic garden gadgets. Timers for sprinklers and other watering devices. Moisture/ph meters. Digital weather stations. Warning systems for frost protection. Electronic greenhouse vents. Garden cams. Sonic pest control. Motion sensor pest control.

    Medicinal mushrooms would be a great topic. Christopher Hobbs. Paul Stamets. Robert Rogers.

    There was a discussion awhile ago about tanning hides so that might be a subject of interest.

    Wine or mead making or beer brewing, especially using foraged ingredients; spruce beer, dandelion wine, flavoured meads. Maybe some wines made from excess garden produce. Beets, carrots, parsnips. I have heard that parsnip makes a pretty good wine.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
    Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 576 admin

    Thank y'all so much! This has been super helpful!

    Of course, this idea is still in its infancy .. but, I'm in love w/ the idea of featuring the staff, the community, and some of our key contractors.

    In fact, I think we could almost cover most of these topics w/ just these folks alone! 😂

  • Annie Kate
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    Wow, what a lot of great names and ideas. And what a fun idea. I like the idea of interviewing people like LaurieLovesLearning, Torey, Judson Caroll and Monek Marie.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @Ruth Ann Reyes It is good to have the people who are running something be well known within its community. I was told a long time ago that a moderator needs to be and remain visible, to be very active and interactive. This helps build trust & (hopefully) respect. It is the same with an owner of an online business.

    I personally would like to get to know some of the more hidden/behind the scenes folks. Without them and their great skills, we wouldn't have such a well run place to land.

    I'm with Torey in the interview space. I am much more comfortable typing than speaking. I've done a couple live interviews in my life, one on the radio and one on TV to promote my cottage industry business at the time. Those were both nervewracking to say the least. What made the TV one extra nerve-wracking was that I was very heavily expecting at the time as well and the hostess asked a million questions as one, which made it extremely difficult to formulate a good answer. Please be mindful to use very clear questions once this is up & running.

  • vickeym
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    Herbs for animals! Yes, a wonderful idea. As it gets harder to take care of our animals and meds that used to be available over the counter for them now require a vet visit even for something simple, it would be great to have herbal options.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
    Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 576 admin

    Laurie, we're all introverts that is why we are 'behind the scenes'

  • LaurieLovesLearning
    LaurieLovesLearning Posts: 7,356 admin

    @Ruth Ann Reyes Haha! I totally understand.

  • monica197
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    Instead of "fireside' about Gardenside Chats


    You know what I would like to see real-time is dispatching of different animals and hide tanning

    How to make a shoe, like a moccasin

    This whole ides sounds very interesting.🍎

  • Lisa K
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    I also think Jensthebeekeeper and tomandcara would make great interviews on the topic of beekeeping.