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Monek Marie
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In permaculture you often hear the saying, "The problem is the solution."

I look at issues on the property in that regard. This is my problem, how do I use it to fix it to be the solution?

My house sits too close to the road. With 17 acres, give or take, it would be nice if the house was located in the side field or further from the road and on a level spot. But to move it would be a fortune and possible zoning issues. So... my solutions for this issue is to plant near the house, even on slopes and to terrace them using no digging methods and to plant, even edibles closer to the road than I would if the house were in a different area. If I use comfrey and other plants that help to cleanse soil I can solve the issue with soil. I plan to have a swale or huegel near the road which will also block noise, water and some air pollution.

Air pollution? More shrubs and small plantings to help redirect the air away from edibles. The use of cold frames or small hoop frames might help too.

I am not that impressed with the layout of the house but I have wanted a learning center for gardening, landscaping, and greenhouses. This would include walks for native edibles and herbs - the house would work perfect for that. I can use a camper or trailer for summer use with no zoning issues but not in the winter because its year round use. But I want to be in Georgia in the winter, so this works.

I have learning projects set up for children, elderly and veterans. I truly believe that all people should garden. Keeping it easy and simple helps.

I also need more help here. My family is a bit shattered so I hope to be able to offer living space for help with land and animals. I have two greenhouses so would have a way for people to make money on the land and free or very cheap rent. ( I am working out details for this) My house is actually three stories so I do have room for people to stay and classrooms. I am also looking a Yurts for living and classrooms. Does anyone have Yurt building directions?

Some of the things I need done here will cost more money so I tackle once project at a time, do the no cost or low cost first. I use anything on the property to help pay for a project. Two years ago the ash borer came through and killed all our ash trees. I have 100 or so dead trees. The wood can still be used if you do not ship it more than 50 miles. I just signed a man up to help cut it and split it half and half. (that's still a lot of wood) What is left here is being sold to local campers for firewood campfires. And possibly I can use some of the poles for building. I have check the insect issue.

I had to put my plans on hold for a bit to deal with other problems but its time to get going. The potential here is amazing for the land and helping people.