A Blast from the Past - Marjory Wildcraft and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

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OK, finally got these uploaded!

So you might know that at one point in my life I was a professional investor. Years before he was famous for "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", I studied with Robert Kiyosaki. Robert is quite amazing. I won't say I agree with everything he teaches... but he sure helped me understand a lot about investing.

I eventually moved to Austin, TX and setup a professional investment business inspired by his work. Starting first with my own funds, and then took on investors.

When it became a fairly successful business. Robert and Kim asked me if I would be a testimonial for their new Time-Life info products. Whew, and for several years I was on national television every night... Ha, ha my friends gave me endless teasing about it.

I did the infomercials twice. The second time I was pregnant with Kimber.

Rich Dad May 2001and here are the time stamps where I show up. I flew to Phoenix to be interviewed with Robert and Kim on this one.

1:17 to 1:27

6:57 to 8:29

25:15 to 25:24

Here are the time stamps in this old video - Rich Dad August 2002. This time is was too pregnant to fly and it was shot in Austin, TX at my home. Ryan was adorable...

3:00 to 3:09

6:52 to 7:12

10:05 to 10:17

Rich Dad May 2001

1:17 to 1:27

6:57 to 8:29

25:15 to 25:24