Breakfast chia-oat pudding

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I ate this every day at work this week. I was looking for something I could eat cold, that had protein, and didn't contain nuts or peanuts. I started eating breakfast with my kids at work, and there is a child with allergies, so I try to be careful. Chia seeds fit the bill. The finished product was creamy and refreshing and just barely sweet. Here's how I made it.

2 tbs. chia seeds

4 tbs. rolled oats (optional. I like some carbs in the morning, and oats agree with me)

1 c. milk of choice- I used a blend of almond milk and coconut.

1/2 tbs. maple syrup- optional but very yummy

a little almond extract, also optional

a handful of berries. Most days I used wineberries, but once a mix of wineberries and blueberries.

Just mix together and refrigerate overnight.

If you want a fruit sweetened version, I've made this and it's quite good


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    I really need to try this. I think I may have even purchased the chai seeds to do it, but have not gotten around to it. Thanks for the reminder.

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    I tried chia pudding once because it looked so good and sounded so healthy. I just couldn't make it palatable for myself. My husband liked it and asked for more, but I just had trouble getting past the texture. I tried more than once too. Most of our kids liked it.

    @blevinandwomba I am glad that it is working for you in that difficult situation. It still looks good and in some ways I wish I could eat it.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning yeah, it's kind of like crunchy tapioca pudding- and I love that!- but I could see it not appealing to everyone. I also like making it into drinks. Really good in some diluted fruit juice.

    Also, it has novelty value. My class is extremely rambunctious, even for 2-3 year olds, and distractions are invaluable. One of their favorite breakfast discussions is what I happen to be eating that day. I do tend to eat things that aren't familiar to them. All week I had multiple questions about every ingredient in my pudding, and multiple request to look at my breakfast (I tilt the bowl in their direction- that's as close as they're getting.)

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    @blevinandwomba I eat a variation of chia pudding also, each morning. But my recipe will not work for your class because it has crunchy almond butter in it.

    I will give the recipe a try that you posted though. It would be nice to change it up a bit. And I love fruit sweetened ones, the one I eat is fruit sweetened. So I'm interested in trying that one too.😊

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    @blevinandwomba It is the strangest thing. I really enjoy tapioca pudding. That's why it surprised me.

    You should show them what chia seeds do when they are wet. I bet they would enjoy that.

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    Anyone have any chia brands they recommend? I was eating some with my breakfast but then was reading Amazon reviews claiming such and such chia seed brand would have, well...gross things like rat droppings in them. I am honestly wondering if these were more likely to just be odd chia seeds. Or competitors trying to hurt a brand. But it seemed like all the brands had some sort of "issue" and I stopped buying chia. It's probably fine and I should get some more again...but would definitely like some recommendations!

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    @blevinandwomba Thanks for this, definitely on my list to do----next shopping trip will get ingredients. Sounds great!!

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    @stephanie447 Honestly, I haven't had any issues with any brands I've tried. The bag I'm using now came from a bulk foods store, so I have no idea of the supplier.

    Rat droppings? Sounds fishy. I used to keep rats and their feces are the size of raisins. I would think that they wouldn't go through any sort of sorting equipment- though I don't know how chia seeds are typically packaged.