Grow Network people in Malaysia

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Dear Friends, Are there any Grow Network people in Malaysia, especially Sabah? If so, could we connect and share ideas with each other? Thanks Craig🤩


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    @craigggg You are actually our second member on the forum from Malaysia! Maybe you will have to help spread the word about us in your general region to increase that count! I don't know if this member will respond, but you might want to try contacting Sunnin Khoo through PM. They posted in the thread above this one. You will find a tutorial about how to send a PM in the link below.

    I am very glad to have you here. My sister spent some time traveling in various parts of Asia when she taught English in China, but I've never had the privilege of exploring the region.

    Please share, in other parts of the forum, more about the region you are in. We love learning about various regions of the world, landscape, weather, what you grow, and whatever else you are willing to chat about.

    When you get a moment and if you haven't already, please look over our Rules & FAQ to get familiar with some of the workings here.

    Of course, I don't have to mention the intros. 😄

    Again, welcome here. I hope you enjoy every moment you spend in our fine community learning alongside us all!

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    Welcome @craigggg !

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    @craigggg it is wonderful that the geography of the Grow Network expands. I have never been in your country, but I would happily read about your experience in gardening or herbs. Welcome to the network! We can learn so much from experts and from each other here.

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    Welcome to TGN's forum @craigggg.

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