Back to Eden Gardening Summit with Paul Gautschi

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Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know this event is coming up next month.

Personally, I love BTE and Paul! The film was a huge influence for me and my personal gardening method <3

Hope you'll consider joining: Sign Up Here

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Paul Gautschi, the Founder of Back to Eden Gardening, has discovered a gardening method that mimics the way the natural forest generates healthy, resilient, fertile soil.

The technique is simple: Cover the soil. 

Then, practice these growing principles: No tilling, No synthetic fertilizers, No herbicides, and No pesticides. 

No matter the soil condition or climate, the results are astounding—and the benefits to the health of the soil, humankind, and the environment are unprecedented.

At his upcoming Back to Eden Gardening Summit, Paul and more than a dozen other experts will teach you how to use the principles of regenerative organic gardening to grow your own healthy food with less work, while also benefiting the planet!

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At the Summit, you’ll learn: 

  • How to grow your own nutrient-dense food with less work!
  • How to increase your yields with less input—save time, save labor, save money!
  • How to mulch and compost properly to build resilient, fertile, living soil!
  • How to increase beneficial microbes and biodiversity in the soil.
  • How to improve your health, happiness, and self-sufficiency.
  • How to conserve water and protect topsoil loss.
  • How to restore the Soil Food Web.
  • How to nourish plants organically.
  • How to reduce weeds and pests.
  • How to grow your own Garden of Eden.
  • And so much more!

If you want to grow the most nutrient-dense, flavorful food possible—while restoring the soil and sequestering carbon—I strongly encourage you to register now for the Back to Eden Gardening Summit.

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