Favorite Recipes for Swiss Chard

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I have Swiss Chard coming out of my ears. I can easily pick it every single day. I love it but nothing sounds really great. I guess I could always make it into a powder. Does a dehydrator work for this? Does anyone know? It is starting to get hot again. Mostly in the 90's.


  • Torey
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    I have never dehydrated Swiss Chard but I know people who have and use it as a powder.

    Other suggestions:

    Use the larger leaves to make Swiss Chard rolls instead of cabbage rolls.

    Use instead of spinach in lasagna.

    Pickle or ferment the stems, particularly if they are the coloured ones.

    Add to a quiche instead of spinach.

    This is a new one I haven't tried yet but I love hummus so this looks good.

  • kbmbillups1
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    We make it all the time in my Instant Pot. I wash and chop how ever much I have and put it in the liner with sliced onions, minced garlic, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, and a little extra salt and pepper to taste. Plus, I add 1 1/2 cups of water because my husband like the liquid and left over liquid seasons soups really well. I set it to steam for 5 minutes. Sometimes I leave it in there to marry while I'm cooking the rest of dinner.

    Any left overs I freeze to use when making soups.

  • dipat2005
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    @torey Great ideas I hadn't thought of and thanks! @kbmbillups1 I like the idea of the liquid being used for soups. Great idea!

  • water2world
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    @dipat2005 Thanks for posting this. I have never had Swiss Chard, so have enjoyed everyone's responses.

    Now, I have some good ideas what to do with it. Thanks everyone!

  • AdrienneHew
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    When I lived in Spain, it was always prepared sautéed in garlic and olive oil after boiling with potatoes. I also like to boil it (tossing the water), then sautéing with garlic, bacon, pine nuts and raisins. The latter I made (sans bacon) for a kids cooking class and it went over quite well.

  • dipat2005
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    @AdrienneHew and @water2world they have been great recipes. I had never thought about sautéing it with those particular foods.. I love the ideas. I have a lot ready to use and more to pick.

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