Does anyone eat Celosia/Cockscomb?

I just came across the fact that Celosia argentea, Cockscomb, is not only edible, but is an important food in Africa. I just thought it was a cool flower. But apparently it is good to eat, very nutritious, and has some medicinal properties as well--looks like it will be in my garden next year!


  • Torey
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    I'd never thought about eating this plant. Probably cause it is very frost sensitive so not a good one for my garden. It is from the Amaranthaceae family which contains a number of highly nutritious edible greens and grains, so its no wonder it is also considered a choice edible.

    I didn't know about all the medicinal benefits. Thanks for introducing me to them, @MaryRowe.

  • MaryRowe
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    @torey --Right--as soon as I saw it was an Amaranthaceae I was thinking I should have known it was more than just another pretty flower....

    I got to thinking that, years ago, late in autumn, I came across an old packet of celosia seeds that I had gotten for free someplace. The seeds being old, and it being so late in the season, I decided to try and sprout them indoors to see if any came up. Several plants did, I put them on a sunny windowsill, and had some pretty flowers that winter. Now I think that experiment would be worth trying again for winter greens! (Not to mention an excuse to go seed shopping....It's about time to order garlic anyway...😊)

  • Monek Marie
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    I have learned that so manty more flowers are edible this spring and summer. I love color in my gardens and food so this is just another way of having fun and creating unique dishes.

    Loved the links @MaryRowe . thanks for sharing them